26 Jun 2010

day 8/9

left early from Moordenaarspoort. So cold that after 1km I had to stop to put sealskin gloves on. Couldn't feel the tips of my fingers. Today would be my first solo ride. The idea is to stop over at Vaalbank to pick up my new light and cycle watch......except I hadto wait for it to arrive from PO.
Quick attaching job on my bike and I was on my way to Brosterlea. What I saw in the arly evening, were rabbits racing in front of the bike light. Fluffy tails jumping up and down. It doesn't matter how tired you feel, that makes the day special.
Amazed how the hosts at our stopovers absolutely spoiled us and look out for us.
Very interesting how farm, gates operate. A chain, a link, a lock......damn, it means gettting over.
Yesterday I had no reception, so this is today's version of events. The days are long, but what makes it easier on your own is dictating your own pace. Navigation took a bit of a knock today. I haven't had time to calibrate the cycling watch so it shows 300km and othr nonsense. No time to read booklet yet.
Got the hang of climbing over fences, and over is not always best. I found that out today when I had to balance on a barbedwire-spelling?- fence like a finch. Ripped my cycling short, and long leggingys, ...and my bum.
I,m at Romansfontein, snug in bed


Steve said...

There are about 8 ways to close a farming gate, and you will see them all on the route! Lekker days in the karoo ahead, enjoy it!

Steve burnett
2008 rasa

Jake said...

Well done lone rider. Nice to see you are still enjoying the beauty of nature (rabbits).Sjoe dit is pp koud. Keep it up girl. Vasbyt. Regards Jake