27 May 2007

The Bulla Cycling shirt

Here it is again, after great public demand, the Bulla Cycling Shirt!

We will once again put an order in for the Bulla Cycling shirt. So don't delay, measure up and pay.

Because we are making use of the same design as last year, we can get the shirts slightly cheaper, at R310.00 a shirt. I'm also including a measuring table according to Anatomic's sizes and measurements, BUT I would suggest that if you are not 100% sure of the size to get, try an Anatomic shirt on at the various cycling shops and compare it to the size you're normally wearing. Once we've ordered the shirt and you have paid for it, we can't send it back.

Orders will be taken (with full payment please) till the end of June or when we see that everyone has ordered their shirt. It will then take approximately another 4 weeks for the delivery of the shirts.

We are looking into the possibility of having a hospitality tent available to Bulla at the major events, where you can have a chair and table and drinks and eats. The prerequisite will be the wearing of the Bulla Shirt. Another great reason to get your shirt now.

The Birthday Ride

They were all there at Kitty Hawk. It was a cloudy morning, the first winter chill in the air but nobody wanted to miss the event. They borrowed bicycles, helmets, pedals and even cars to fit the bikes in and on. It was to be their first ride on a bicycle since school days. They had to try it just once again, to feel the wind in their faces. " Once you've learned how to ride a bike, you don't forget that" has become true to them. The smiles on their faces said it all.

After some wobbly starts we all made it to the main road, having to dodge a little red plane and not a car! We soon learned that some had to learn again which side was the left side of the road and that the newer kind of bicycles all had gears. "It feels like a spinning class, we're just moving!" and "this helmet really does feel strange" were just some of the comments from the "new cyclists".

By the way, who has right of way, planes or bicycles?

It was just such a different scene, having breakfast, watching planes taking off and landing. Little things with Pick 'n Pay trolley like wheels and sounding like lawnmower engines. I know the experts will be able to tell me in great detail about little engines and gravity and the rest, but to me they were little wonders taking off and staying in the air.
The venue was just great! Coming in from the ride in the cold, the warmth from the log fire was just the right thing for frozen finger tips. Well, needless to say, after so much fresh air and leg pumping we had to attack the scrumptious breakfast. And it was a feast indeed!

Till next year's Birthday Breakfast!

14 May 2007

Bullamakanka Spinning turns 8!

The gym turned 8 years old and we had fun!

Being a birthday party, it was also the time for the gym to show appreciation to the clients for their valued support, so we had a guy gift and a girl gift ready. One year's subscription to Men's Health and to Shape magazine.

And the winner is: Gerhard!

He certainly does look very pleased with his gift.

And the other winner is: Estie!

And some of the other friendly people who attended the party were, Janine and Michelle!

It is wonderful to see and hear the people's enthusiasm about getting new bikes and entering for cycle races, be it mountain biking or road racing. So well done to the two girls here who each got themselves new bikes and taking on new challenges. We are impressed and cheering you on.

There is a new mini poll up. Have you lost any weight through spinning? Yes? No? Tell us about it, or take a vote. It does give us some indication of what is working for you.

If you still Um-ing and aaah-ing about entering the Bela Bela cycle race, time is running out.

We'll see you at our next event, the Bulla Breakfast Ride from Kitty Hawk, Sun 20 May at 8:00

3 May 2007

Important dates!

Very Important dates are following. Open your diaries and be part of what is happening here at Bulla.

The New Look!

We are celebrating the "new look"of the gym. Be there on Friday 11th May at 18:00. At the same time we will also celebrate the gym's birthday. We are now 8 years old and still going strong. The "new look"celebration will be in the form of a cheese and wine (or beer, if you don't drink wine) and a plate of eats, or biscuits or cheese or surprise us. Old clients, bring your stories of when you started here, what was it like, who used to be your instructors. Would be quite interesting to listen to your views and memories of the old gym.

Breakfast ride from Kitty Hawk

The yearly breakfast ride is taking place on Sunday 20 May at 8:00. Why always a Sunday? Simple reason, the roads are quieter and therefore safer for wobbly legs and bicycles. This is not a race but a gentle, social ride, for all those that haven't been on a bicycle since the age of 3 and would like to try it again. So this is your chance to see if spinning is indeed helping you to stay fit or not. Dust off your bike, oil the chain, bum in saddle and join us!
We will be leaving from the Kitty Hawk flying club, which is on the Boschkop road, at 8am. We will do a 10km out ride, turn around and all the way back again, 20km in all. Not a marathon at all!
Once safely back, we will enjoy a scrumptious breakfast, which will include: Juice, scrambled eggs, bacon, tomato, mushrooms, fried onions, toast! All for just R35p/p.

RSVP: Thursday 17May-12:00

Bela Bela

The Bela Bela race is taking place on Saturday 26 May. Enter now online at http://www.cyclelab.co.za/ We will all meet afterwards at the lovely O'Hagans to celebrate the ride, have a couple of beers; chat and just sommer have fun.'

For the more serious Mountain Biker!

On Sunday 3 June at 8am we will do a 100km mountain bike ride. Anyone thinking they are fit enough, please join us on the ride. We had a lovely ride last year with about 10 riders completing the route. We are in training for the Baviaans Marathon and do need company on the road. If you don't want to do the whole route, but would like to ride only part of the route, please arrange your own support vehicle-that is if you would need one. Also have enough food and drink with you.

Be part of our special days!