20 Jul 2008

Are you afraid of the dark?

Opening of the new look gym

Well are you? .....I mean afraid of the dark?........Well if you are I'm sure we will be able to help you overcome this fear BUT if you are not afraid of the dark, we can celebrate together the opening of the new look of the gym. It will be dark because it will take place on Friday 1st August at 19:00. But all the new lights will be on, the new change room will be ready and we will celebrate with drinks and snacks. You are all invited to join in the festivity. Please RSVP by Wednesday 30 July 2008.

Mountain bike 24hr event

Talking about darkness...If the thought of riding in the dark is daunting the only solution is to become Knogturnal.
Knog will Ilumin8 your journey through your darkest hours. The course will be lined with the famous Knog Frog flashing lights to keep you on track. Scared of being ambushed by a technical section? Never fear! The Knog Bullfrogs will provide ample warning for you to tighten your grip and hang on for dear life!
If all the course marking isn’t enough for you, and you’re more a sidekick than a super hero, we suggest adding the Knog Gator to your arsenal.
For the lucky few, the hallowed arches of the Knog VIP marquee will provide a beacon in the darkness, a place to rock out in style, sip on Knogtails, schmooze with the bands and perhaps try and pick up one of the famed Knog girls.

This wonderful event is taking place on Saturday 30-Sunday 31 August. A 24hour mountain bike team event. You don't have to be super fit to participate. A lap or two is all you need to do to keep your team in the running. It is all happening at the Maropeng Centre near Krugersdorp.

A solo entry, that is now if the team thing is not for you, will cost R250 to enter.

2man team R440 and

4man team R850.

Teams of 5-10 members would cost R1500.

A team list will be put up in the gym, so get a team together, pay up and be ready for some great fun.

Riding list
Another name list in the gym are for those riders who would like to go out riding over weekends but are never sure what is happening, where riding is taking place and if there is riding for all abilities. If you are interested in riding, please put your name and cell nr down so we can contact you with the latest ride details. You will receive a sms: Bullamakanka weekend ride: and all the details will follow. We will try and accommodate all riders in changing it from road to dirt and also to accommodate different distances. Routes will also include short fast rides and longer slow rides.

Hope all the latest news and happenings here at the gym, will get you out of your winter sleep and right into all the action!

10 Jul 2008


They say " a change is as good as a holiday": We here at Bulla are taking it literally and are busy revamping the existing gym into a state of the art health and fitness studio........well almost that smart. This is the before picture of the existing gym. Have a good last look!
Here are some pictures of the changes taking place:

Another garage is added to the existing garage. From the old gym, we are breaking through to the downstairs room which we are busy revamping into a change room with shower etc. So all those of you who always wanted to spin early in the morning, shower and go to work, it is finally happening! Here is the breakthrough to the room:

In the meantime we have to make do with spinning in the TV lounge. That is quite a homey affair with carpets, the smell of cooking in the kitchen and all the other house hold noises and sounds. But don't despair, this is not for long. Watch this space! So when you arrive at the gym, find your way past the bricks and the two heaps of sand and past the rubble on the pavement and into the front door and there we will be.

As you can see the people here are as friendly as ever.

The two teams which entered for the Baviaans are still training and doing out rides on Saturdays and Sundays. Please join us on these rides. It will definitely motivate us with our training and help us to forget about tired legs and sore bums.

A nice race to enter is the Carousel, fairly flat, except for one long hill. Still time to enter as it is only taking place on 9 August.

I'm sure you all are watching the Tour de France....not?