8 Feb 2010

Emperor's Palace and sponsor this cyclist

It is February and every one is training hard for the Argus tour ahead. And, every one by now knows that Lance Armstrong is going to be the celebrity at the tour, accompanied by our own Darryl Impey. Back to the past weekend and the Emperor's Palace.

It didn't rain! The weather was perfect with a slight breeze, not bad conditions at all. The start of the race was a bit of a shambles with no proper announcements made, and some cyclists were caught up in road works which delayed them and made them have to rush to the start. But at last we were all on our merry cycling way.

All went well, until close to the end of the race when one Bulla cyclist pulled ranks and passed the two oldies seeded in the front bunches. It was our own Bulla Hero, Mario! Needless to say we gave chase, but only caught up with him at the water table at the end. We waited for the others to come in and while waiting, I let my camera do the looking around.

I spy with my eye a very weary cyclist and nobody talking to him. It's great to have a Bulla teammate not far off.

I spy a stubborn shoe that refused to part with the pedal. A long journey relationship?
I spy the ice cream man and his bicycle receiving a medal. The biggest smile I've seen in a long time

I spy Rodney coming in.....

......and I spy a cyclist coming in, with a helmet perched high on top of his woolly cap. The cyclist with the t-shirt and self-sewn back pockets and chamois sewn into his shorts. Pedalling with takkies on clipless pedals. Please identify this man and sponsor him. A call has already gone out this morning on http://www.thehubsa.co.za/ after I published a photograph of him on The Hub.

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See you at the next race, the Ride for Sight or at the gym.