11 Dec 2007


More smiling faces and more interesting stories. Michele smiling so broadly cause husband Thys was taking the picture. Training so hard for the 94.7 just to get a bad bout of the flu before the event. What a shame, but next year we will definitely see her racing.

Another Michelle, and Rob having some fun at the year-end. Rob did the 94.7 mountain biking event and declared a complete week of rest days after that. But he still claimed he had fun.

Stefan and Andaleen: We know the story about the shoes, but we are waiting in anticipation to see the bike he is going to buy in the new year. What is next Stefan, the Baviaans?

Martie and Kallie having fun and Kallie assured me that he is now ready for spinning next year...........after flying and quad bikes and motorbikes and Mozambique and............at least Martie is spinning and spinning she is.......was good to see you there.

There are really many many more photos to share with you but I think I'll call it a day with this one, the signing of the Bulla shirt. As a momento of the evening we asked everyone to sign the Bulla shirt , which we will now frame and put up in the gym.

It was a great year and this is what you had to say about it, the gym and about spinning and exercise...........

........to be continued once again.....................

9 Dec 2007

Tell us about it!

And so finally it was time for our year-end function. The theme this year was; "Tell us about it" where many a spinner had a chance to share his/her special highlight of the year. With all the preparations done and the tables set, we just had to wait for the special guests to arrive, that's you of course.

Talking about highlights. We had quite a few here at the gym throughout 2007. Just to mention a few, The Cape Argus Cycle Tour -check out the Hall of Fame article in the archive. The Baviaans of course-check out what the two teams achieved and most recently the 94.7 hospitality tent. But most importantly to me is what you have achieved in this past year. Just to mention a few names, Stefan bought cycling shoes at last and took the plunge and went mountain biking at Northern Farms. Mario took part in his first ever road race and that, the monstrous 94.7.Lanie started off at such a vigorous pace that we dreaded what was still to come. Amanda eventually decided that the ball class sounded challenging enough and added that to her spinning classes. Janine who progressed in her cycling by leaps and bounds. So many to mention, but I think a cheer to all that tried to stay fitter and healthier this year.

Back to the year end. It was laughing, happy faces all round. Although only recently joining the spinning Andrea and husband Brian looked very relaxed and happy about their first year-end function with us.

To see if your smiling face had been captured by our very talented photographer
, please log in tomorrow night for more.

.....................to be continued..............

94.7 Video!

This is the last about the 94.7 cycle challenge. Just a reminder that all your photographs are on the http://www.mypicture.co.za/ site. Go check them out and please donate one to the gym. I would like to make a Hall of Fame picture board. Would be nice, don't you think so.

Ok, and here is the video about the 94.7. Cross your fingers and see if it's working.....