7 Dec 2011

Riding in 2012

All the new rides and dates are out. Just have a look at the new Ride Mag and you'll start drooling. From Trans Baviaans to Trans Draak ( www.transdrakensberg.co.za ) to Stormsriver Traverse to Karoo to Coast to Argus and the Kremetart and...and....and....the Freedom Challenge and the Lesotho ride and the Cape Pioneer, to name but a few! I want to name a few, Joberg2c, Sani2c, Berg and bush, Desert Dash. Now you can name a few more. Add your favourites.

It is not so much the training which is the problem, because we are continuously doing some rides, it is more the cost of riding. Don't get me wrong, I know it does cost a fair amount to organise an event and get sponsors and water tables and a shirt and a goodie bag etc but the problem is which race to ride...or is it which ride to race...? Entry fee, driving or flying to the event, accommodation at the event if it is a bit of a distance, food and drinks, and numerous other little costs which eventually add up and will cause the minister of home finances a huge headache. The solution? I think work harder so we can ride more? 

Fantastic to have the Transdraak but it is a week before the Argus. I'm trying to get to number 21 so I can get a shirt or medal saying " She has done 21". Then, how must I make a choice between The Trans Baviaans or the Stormsriver Traverse? It is nice to take part in a new event but what about teammates who would have liked to have done their 5th Baviaans? The two events are only a few days apart. We've entered for the Stormsriver. 

I think what I need to do, is to ride as many as possible! 
Hope you have come to the same conclusion.
Ride them all!

5 Dec 2011

Year-end 2011

 So the year nose dived to an end. The pirates seemed to be all very happy about that. Thanks to everyone for the wonderful support throughout the year and coming out to celebrate.