21 May 2008

I want to ride my bicycle!

I want to ride my bicycle......I think I know how, until I fall off, and then I wonder. You do know though that you get two kinds of cyclists; those that had a fall and those who are still going to fall. Those on the road seem to get it pretty right without too much falling, but if you are like me on a mountain bike, I look for a place to fall.

So if you are like me and would like to sharpen your bike skills, here follows a video to watch and see how the pros are doing it. The bunny hop, hopping over tree stumps,.... dead animals,...... anything that might be in the way of you and you riding your bike. Suggestion; try with smaller objects first.

Keep practicing and let us know how it's going.
To be continued .......... to more advanced moves.

7 May 2008

The Spinning Bike

I found this spinning bike while hunting through the internet and I found the bike beautiful and the blog hugely entertaining.

LeMond RevMaster
(EDM #103)
January 22, 2007 by Jana Bouc

Lamy Safari pen and ink with crayon in Aquabee sketchbook
This week’s EDM challenge is to draw your exercise equipment so here’s my LeMond RevMaster spinning bike which I like very much. I probably would have been better off riding it than drawing it tonight…or just going to bed. I started the drawing four times, but kept running out of room on the page. I finally got most of it on the page and then made the mistake of coloring it with Caran D’Arche Neocolor wax crayons (yuck).

6 May 2008

Fit, Fitter, Fittest

Change the "i" to an "a" and you will have a total different heading. I was contemplating today that one finds so many programmes to help existing cyclists/runners get fitter and faster, but what about the other side of the spectrum. So here is a training programme to change the"a" into an "i".

  • The first very important point to remember is that there are 7 days in a week.
  • Secondly, get to wear the right gear. You don't play tennis in flops, .....so for a comfortable workout, dress correctly.
  • Thirdly, check with your doctor that you can start with a fitness programme. It is no good starting with stomach exercises on the ball, if you are still recovering after a tummy tuck op!
  • Point number four: Rome wasn't built in a day, so you have to keep going for at least six weeks before giving up, ok.
All ready? Roll off the couch then, here we start! Identify with which group you think you'll best fit in and start with that programme.

Just off the Couch-(potato): This is you, if you haven't done any training for the last 6-12 months (or longer). Start off with 2 spin classes per week and 1 strength training (power training) per week. Strength training is done on the Bosu Ball here at the gym and will help to firm and shape the flab. 2+1 = 3, only 3 days of the 7 days of your week are used. This is truly the minimum that you should do. Anything less is not part of a programme.

Couch Potato turned Fitness Enthusiast: This is you, after starting the programme six weeks ago and is still going strong. Done that, got the T-shirt, remember.?
  • 2 spin classes per week plus 2 strength training classes per week .....or
  • 3 spin classes per week and 1 strength training class per week
  • 2+2=4, 3+1=4; any which way gives you 4 days of your 7 day week. Keep this going for the next six weeks and tell us about a different and new you.

Fitness Enthusiast turned "Regular": This is you arriving on the minute before class is starting, but your bike is already correctly set up and all other "non-regulars" aren't allowed to sit on your bike. You know the drill, you've got the gear but you see little progress. Try this:

  • 3 spin classes per week plus 2 strength training classes per week ...or
  • 3 spin classes per week plus 1 double spin class plus 2 strength training classes per week..or
  • 2 spin classes plus 1 double class plus 2 strength training classes per week.

You will only use 5 of your 7 days per week. Remember you can always combine a spin class with a strength training class, starting off with the strength training class and then when your muscles are nice and warm, go over to the spin class.

Always remember to keep your training fresh. Try to spin different times of the day or go to another instructor's class. Here at Bulla they're all good. Get a new outfit! Anything, to keep you motivated and to keep you going. Don't be afraid to use the resistance knob in spinning. Try to do all the reps in the strength class. After 6 weeks it will be a new you facing you in the mirror.

Fitness Freak: I'm sorry I don't know anyone like that. ....But if you want to, you can always join some of us on a ride over the weekend.

4 May 2008

Cranky Monkey Farm

Winter is also an ideal time to fine tune mountain bike skills. The Cranky Monkey Skills Park will open mid-May and with three skill drill areas, you will be guided through a series of drills to take you from zero to hero in no time. The park has taken a little longer to complete, but promises to be something spectacular. The opening weekend is 10/11th May and you are invited to come and ride at the park free of charge. Instructors will be on hand to assist and you will be able to book future group or one-on-one sessions at the venue. Visit www.crankymonkey.co.za and see for yourself.
Now that sounds ideal in doing something different. Go and check it out, see what it is all about. I'm sure you will enjoy it.
Sorry about the Breakfast Ride not taking place this last weekend. Yes, as you've gathered, with the sudden introduction of another public holiday , we here at Bulla had to cancel our breakfast ride as it was now falling on a long weekend and many riders took a break. Watch this space as we will definitely plan another fun ride.
Hopefully you are all still training hard for the next ride, the Bela Bela. Still a couple more days to enter.
By the way, what are you planning during the winter months to keep your fitness levels up? Easy to slide backwards, isn't it? Let us know of your fitness plans to help motivate others getting fitter during the winter months.