20 Jan 2008

Bike Transport

Yes, it is that time of the year again and we are getting ready for The Argus......... again!

I know you have your preliminary number and start time, a place to stay, your air ticket. Here are the info in short for your bike to get transported safely.

Elliot operates from Cyclelab Johannesburg and Cyclelab Durban. Their cost is R750 per bike. Go to www.elliott.co.za 011 256 3000

JH Retief operating from Centurion. Cost is R600 per bike. Go to www.jhretief.co.za 012 644 1558

Nightwing Couriers operates from Melrose Arch and their cost R575 per bike. They have their collection and drop off point in Cape Town at the old rugby club which has a fence or two in between the end of the race and them. Cheaper but not the most convenient. Go to www.nightwing.co.za 0860 COURIER

All the bike movers have special dates on which bikes have to be delivered and collected. Read carefully and also make sure of their drop off point again in Cape Town after the race.


Ok, so it is a reality! If you would like to be seeded for future races you have to join a cycling club and also have to be licensed with cycling SA-that is, you have to have a CYCLOSPORT licence. Who came up with this new plan?
I don't know, but if we in future can see some difference in cycling paths (which cycling paths) for cyclists and safe and secure places to ride, I'm sure we will all say, Yes! go for it. We as cyclists would really like to know how they are going to spend the extra income. As if we are not already paying a lot for our race entries. Some ideas out there? Do you agree, disagree, or have any ideas on this subject, please let us know what you think. Or if you are on the Cycling SA board please let us know why this move.

Like the site of SA cycling explains: "it is important to read carefully through all the material" and " try not to burden the CSA office with phone calls please" ............
For more info and to download all the forms you have to fill in and to see how much you have to pay go to http://www.cyclingsa.com./
But please don't phone them!..........

Taking my bike on a holiday

After sorting through all the holiday pics, I just had to write about taking my bike on a holiday. A very exciting thing for you to try too. That is in place of just lying on the beach and the normal walking thing. Bike and I went to Ramsgate on the South Coast. Every second day I took it out for fresh air, beautiful scenery, and of course some exercise for me-that is only so I could eat more during the festive season.
For those who have forgotten what it looks like at the South coast, it is hilly. A ride between Ramsgate and Port Edward, which is a 58km ride there and back, only have 18 hills. Add heat and humidity and you have a real tester, but fun and beautiful. I took my mountainbike to be more flexible with my riding and saw some awesome places.

Just outside of Port Edward is a farm called Clearwater which had rides for beginners marked in Green, to technical rides for advanced riders marked in Red. The red route was only 16km but lack nothing in difficulty. Very steep, technical in places and ....well steep! And when it's steep you have to push! The scenery up there was really beautiful and worthwhile attacking the uphill. With a breathtaking view over the gorge it was also comforting to know that part of the area is also a National Heritage site with certain trees only growing in that specific area. Seeing something so spectacular it is really worth conserving............. awesome!

And then there was this interesting animal/seat/bike part!

Now if all of this is not making your bike standing to attention and making your cycling shoes cleat itself into the pedals, just waiting for your bum to hit the saddle, ....what will?!

Oh before I forget, there was also this very cute restaurant at the lighthouse. I mean when last have you had a meal at a lighthouse?

4 Jan 2008

New class times

Welcome back after the holidays. I hope you all feel totally unfit and flabby, because then I'm sure I will see you at the gym.
Just make sure about the new class times for 2008.

Six in the morning is still six in the morning. I think the only thing we could possibly add there is coffee and muffins.
All afternoon group classes are falling away to make place for special attention private classes, either in spinning or in ball. classes are 14:00-15:00 and
15:00-16:00 and
16:00- 17:00.
These classes are sold in 10 class packages and need to be booked in advance and be paid for in full. Classes cost R100 per private class and lasts for 50min.

All 17:30 Classes will be spin classes and will be given by Zoe.

Tuesday evenings have been changed into a double spinning class. Class will start at 18:30 and will carry on till 20:00. Because of the structure of the class you won't be able to join the class halfway through.
Please make sure about your class bookings so we can ensure a bike for you.
Check out the right side window for more info.
Happy spinning for 2008!

You had the last word in 2007

And so the year came to an end. You had the last word. And here it is........

And so, after much excitement, endeavours, and challenges we have reached the end of 2007.
What does 2008 hold? Who knows, but we are going to give it a go and help to beat it into shape. See you at the gym on 7 January 2008.