22 Jun 2010

day 6 Rhodes

I made it all the way to Rhodes. Climbed the dreaded Lehana's pass and made it! Such awesome scenery. Snow on the mountains, on the roads...ok, ok, I know, very unusual for SA.
My backup team did wonders. Race organisers will pick up new cycle watch and headlamp at the post office in Jamestown and drop it off at next support station. Thanks to Rodney and Gert, much appreciated.
My bike has been cleaned and lubed, washing been washed amd dried, tummy full... And legs tired.
Much tougher than I ever could have imagined. One day at a time.

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Jake said...

Gerda you go girl! Well done! Keep it up! I have had problems getting onto the net but is sorted out now. Will be tracking your progress. Good luck. Jake