20 Dec 2010

New Northern Farms

I know, Northern Farms is not really new but since I haven't been there for quite some time, it was almost having a brand new feeling cycling around. It was nice, with lots of new single track, new routes, rocky at places, sandy at places and some awesome flowing single tracks.
The idea was just to go out and enjoy, so we didn't really watch the distance but rather "lets go left here" or "we've never been here before, lets go up this little path". It made the day so enjoyable.

In the end we stopped after 3 hours of riding having done ups and downs, single track with water running ankle deep, sandy uphills, slow moving through thick long grass next to a canal, switchbacks through a plantation, steep rocky downhill passed the irrigation pivot, and lots more.
At the end we had a lovely rest in the shade of the trees with a yummy Boerie roll. Absolutely worth the ride.
Go, treat yourself!

17 Dec 2010

trail running

It is the end of the year and I'm starting with something brand new, something I've never done before...trail running! Did a lot of reading about it, tried some shoes, watch some TV programmes and got utterly jealous of the people having a great time outdoors. So I'm taking the plunge.
When thinking back on the Freedom Challenge, I know that I wasn't very strong on my feet. As long as I was on the bike riding, I managed ok. But with all the walking and pushing and portaging I know if I want to do the Challenge again I have to be better prepared, on my feet.
So here I am on 17 December and I did my first trail run....well, shuffle, is the better word for my efforts. Locked up and run, forgot to take water, or to put on sunscreen, or to take my Garmin so at least I know how far I went....I did take time to stop and take some pics.
I was greeted by Bull frogs. Hundreds of them sitting on the lilly leaves belching out there chorus. After yesterday's downpour the route was a bit muddy and watery in places but not difficult to negotiate.

That's me at the pond.

The path through the trees. I think I have been bitten by the trail running bug. It wasn't easy, as I'm not at all used to running, but to be out in nature made it easier.
So please add your bit to my training. Good thing? Won't last? Wrong thing? I am feeling a lot stronger already.....hahahaha till I have to get out of bed tomorrow morning. Wish me luck.

10 Dec 2010

Year end celebrations at d'cadence

The tables decorated, chocolates in place and prizes stacked knee high we were just waiting for the arrival of the crowd for our year end event at d'cadence restaurant. 
The crowd arrived and so did Santa and Miss Santa, his little helper.

Now for the opening speech and handing out of prizes. How does one say "thank you" to all that have been supporting the gym in such a wonderful way. Thank you to all and if you didn't get a prize this year, maybe next year I'll think of new categories that might just suite you perfectly.

The winner for the Best Rider in the gym goes to....... Roger! What can we say, if only we can cycle half as fast as you, we would be thrilled!

The winner for the Longest Bulla Supporter goes to......Francois! For those who don't know. Francois is almost like furniture here at the gym, having done spin classes given by my daughter Silke...... many years ago. Thank you for your constant support. Of course all the male winners got a prize and hug and kiss from Miss Santa.

Now, unbelievably as it may sound, spinners actually like the music and try and sing along some of the most familiar tunes. Some of course try harder than others and sing louder than others. Some only grunt out a few sounds...lack of breath, I say.

The second place winner for best spinning singer goes to..... Maggie!

And the winner for best spinning singer is.......Jake! What I like about Jake is, even if he doesn't know the words of the song he keeps on singing and make up words as he goes along. Interesting, to say the least.

The winner of the best support is....Rodney! What can I say, always there for me and the gym, supporting in so many ways. Thank you so much!

The prize for the Gym Mascot goes to........Mario! Such a sport and always ready to do anything... well almost anything. One year he took his shirt off to encourage people to buy raffle tickets. The next year he posed as a paper doll and everyone could dress the doll in his favourite cycling outfit, with hilarious outfits. This year he didn't blink an eye when I asked him to be Santa. Thank you Mario, it is great to have you in the gym.

The last winner is the best Christmas tree decorator which goes to ...... Margie! To keep them occupied while waiting for the kitchen to do their stuff, everyone got a small Christmas tree to decorate. Congratulations and thanks for the help of Gerhard in selecting the best tree.

And so, a lovely evening came to an end, with Santa just peeping around to see if everyone was enjoying themselves.

Just a final reminder: Gym will be closed from 22 December and reopens on 5 January 2011. Have a wonderful holiday season, pick up lots of weight so we can see you all in the New Year again.

From Baviaans to 94.7

 Absence makes the heart grow fonder....

So we were prepared for the Baviaans mountain bike 24hr event, or we thought we were. Teams got together at a farm just outside of Willowmore, and what a lovely stay it was. Enough fresh air for all to breathe in and enough space to pack and unpack the bags and boxes we would use during the event. Even enough packing space for Rodney :-))
Enough sleeping space for all.

Instructions were given by opposition teams, instructions were followed (at the last minute), and bikes were checked over. Hopefully Jake will remember the seat post?
After watching the sun set in a most spectacular way, we were ready for some shuteye and the ride the next day.

Jake and I as the one team and Rodney and Ian  the other team. Lots of drama later, ..... many hours later, Rodney and I emerged from the dusty trails as a new team.
Until next year!

A couple of minor races later we arrived at the annual 94.7 road race in Joh'burg. A very very hot day but lots of smiles at the end.

Hats off to all the "cow riders" raising funds for Choc, arriving at the end in their hot, frumpy cow suits.

This "cow" went one further and made a stand for Movember, the month of moustaches, to create awareness for prostate cancer.

I know, it is impossible to think, but 2010 is going for a nosedive, hopefully ending itself in a spectacular way!