28 Apr 2009

I'm back!

I'm back , I think! .....

After 10000 of teddy bears and attending Silke's wedding in Italy and trying to deal with so many public holidays in one month....Phew!.....I think I'm back.

So keep watching this favourite spot as a lot is happening in the coming months. From an easy Bela Bela coming up to an absolute challenge for Rodney, the R2R.
R2R stands for Ride to Rhodes. A monster, with all the ups and downs like climbing up and sliding down the Dragon's back. Check out more details and meet some of the riders on http://www.freedomchallenge.org.za/

So we will keep you posted, making you drool with envy. The rest of course is all happening in the gym. That is where all the inside stories are told, where we boast about our achievements, where we laugh. So join us and be part of some great fun.

I know this is not cycling but doesn't she just absolutely look lovely! .......Ignore, it's mother talk.