31 Dec 2006

Welcome to my blog

It's 2007! A new year with new beginnings.

So, welcome to my blog "spinningatbulla". Please feel free to make comments, good or bad, and if you would like to see something else and different on the blog, please let me know.

Spinning and balance ball classes open again on 3 Jan. Please make and confirm your bookings.
Check the class times on the right-hand bar.

The new spinning bikes will hopefully be on the floor by the 8th, gleaming and ready for your feet on the pedals. All the bikes will have speedometers and cadence meters attached and hopefully all working. If your bike's meters are playing up, just bring it under the attention of the instructor, so we can attend to it.

Another first at Bulla is the cheaper class at 16:30. You can buy a card for R165 for 11 classes but that card will only be valid for the 16:30 class. If you would like to use the card for other times, you could, by paying in R5. The card will be pink in colour to distinguise it from the other class times. The card can be used for spinning and/or balance ball classes.

The first big road race is on Sun 28th Jan. Previously known as the "Hyper to Hyper". They have changed the name to "the fast one", so check it out on
www.cyclelab.co.za. Entries close on 10th Jan. The race is fairly fast, that is if you pedal fast, but stay in the bunch and you will have a good time and could better your time of last year.

Tip of the month: practice bunch riding

Happy spinning
The bulla team