28 Jun 2010

Day 11 Doringrivier

I think I might have my days mixed up...mmm I should be on Day 12, but only did half a day on one of the days.
Today was game farming day. Saw waterbuck when going through a farm and kudu and ground squirrels and steenbuck.
My day started early with a 5am ride start, only to have a flat about 6:30. Eventually got it right and was on my way again. Concentrated hard to stay on track in Elandsberg.
My lunch stop was at a farm stall selling biltong and everything else nice and an ATM. Middle of nowhere. Lots of people stopping me wanting to know where I'm going and if they can give me a lift. They normally asked that while I'm pushing my bike. Hehehe
Wind, wind and more wind. Face got wind burned despite factor 40. Headwind slowed me down.
I think my body changed into a mineshaft. I open my mouth and food disappeared into a black hole. It is incredible the amount of food is needed to stoke this old engine.
I might be out of reception tomorrow, so you'll have to wait to get the next saga.


Jake said...

Keep it up Gerda. Keep up the good spirit it will pull you through the difficult parts. We all know you can do it. Strongs Jake

Doug said...

Gerda, you are doing great, really enjoying reading you blogs. We are all rooting for you.

Jake said...

I see you are in the Willowmore Baviaanskloof area already. Oefen jy nou vir die Trans B? Mooi so want ek is goed besig met my voorbereiding! Hou so aan. Ons is trots op jou! Groete en Happy Cycling. Jake and Annali