31 Jan 2010

Urban Assault

At last the weekend arrived for our Urban Assault event. We were anxiously watching the weather for any rain and was holding thumbs that the weather would hold. The route was planned to minimize crossing over intersections and to keep it in the surroundings of the neighbourhood. 2.55km per lap, not a big distance but with enough sharp little hills to tame the legs and lungs. With everyone here and all the teams registered, the rules of the event were read and explained. A " baton" (a raw egg) was handed over to each team for safe keeping and was to be kept in perfect condition till the end of the race. Lots of penalty points were explained to the teams before taking off on their first lap.
The point scorer was Hybre, a previous teacher who is very stern, which resulted in all the teams playing according to the rules, except for a few unruly members.

One of the teams, Team Bling, was clever enough to get a pro to take part in their team. Jason,  better known as the Bling Machine,  did many consecutive fast laps, resulting in the rest of the team, resting, braaing the meat, loafing and laughing around. Well done to Jason for being such an inspiration to us all and for all the tips and do's and don'ts advice he offered throughout the day. It was fun having you around.

The event was in the form of a relay, so most members of a team would do a cycling lap and then hand over the "baton" to the next team member. Every 4th lap was a running/walking lap. The team members would anxiously wait in the street to see if there was any sign of the member out on the course. Of course, different teams were waiting in different ways for their team to come in.
It was tougher than anyone thought it would be. In the early hours team mates were still eager to complete laps, but later in the day it was difficult to decide who was going to do yet another walking/running lap. By noon we had a lovely fire going and soon the smell of the meat cooking,  drifted through the air. Everyone was ready to do a quick Boerie roll to still the hunger pangs. Round and round we went and the number of laps were piling up.
Coming 6pm, while I went out to get more charcoal for the evening, a decision was reached by the teams, calling it quits. They had enough and would rather end with a nice social around the fire. I wasn't going to complain. The winning team was crowned and their prize handed over.

It was good sitting around and milling the day over in one's mind. Well done to Team Bling with their 1st place; 48 laps doing a whopping 122,4km. Second was Team Bandana with 44 laps and 112,2km under the belt, followed by Team Speedy Conzales doing 40 laps, 102km and Team Caromba's bringing up the rear with 36 laps and 91,8km. They started late and Mario put in a huge effort to ride with his children as well as riding his own lap.
This sums up the whole event: GREAT!

29 Jan 2010

It's February!

Only 5 weeks left to train for the Argus. Make the most of it. It is a good idea to enter a few races to sharpen your riding skills, just to see what is happening during a race and also to spend more time in the saddle.

Training Schedule:

Sat 6 Feb: MTB at Q Sera @ 7:30 25/54/72km

Sun 7 Feb: Emperor’s Palace Race 99km

Sat 13 Feb: MTB at Q Sera @ 7:30 25/54/72/90km

Sun 14 Feb: MTB or Road at Q Sera 7:30. Time trial lap 11km. At least 3 or 4 laps, ok.

Sat 20 Feb: MTB at Q Sera @ 7:30 25/54km

Sat 20 Feb: Bike maintenance course 13:00-17:00 R250p/p. Bring n Braai

Sun 21 Feb: Ride for Sight 116km

Sat 27 Feb: MTB at Q Sera @ 7:30 25/54/72/90km

Sun 28 Feb: Road at Q Sera @ 7:30 48/96km

Bike Maintenance Course

You always wanted to know how all the bits and pieces of your bike fit together, so here is your chance. On Saturday 20 Feb at 13:00-17:00 we will have our first course here at the gym. Course fee is R250. It will be a practical course with Gert v Rensburg from Karsten Cycles showing you the finer details of your bicycle. You will be working on your own bicycle. We will end the afternoon with a braai. Places are limited, so book now.

You will need:

· Pay R250 course fee and book your place

· Bring your own Mtb or Road bike

· Multi–tool and chain breaker

· Tyres; tubeless, normal or road

· Tyre levers

· Bike hanger (bike specific)

· Braai meat and drinks

You will get:

· Course material

· How to fix a broken chain

· How to replace tyres

· How to replace a tube or fix a puncture-gator or patches

· How to set gears

· How to replace cables and housings

· How to change your bike into a single speed to finish a race

· How to replace a hanger

· How to fix brakes

· Fun time with everyone at the gym!

News Flash!

Baviaans mountain bike marathon entries open 1 February 2010.

26 Jan 2010

The Fast, BUT Wet One

The new year brought along a challenge to the first ride of the year. Rain! And lots of it. Buckets full, until the rivers were springing their banks, the mealie fields next to the road pouring muddy waters right onto our path and the roads, heaving with the load of water, breaking up into big, huge potholes. Did that deter us from taking part? Never! We were there, like many more cyclists, dressed up in the brightest colours of the rainbow.

Some of us were dressed in the latest fashion jacket which had no more sticky, scratchy velcro, but had smooth magnets to keep the jacket's bits and pieces together. Just remember to fasten your helmet properly before diving into the Fast One. Remember it is fast.

As this is an open-ended race, one is always stuck for transport back to the car, or, more difficult, find a driver that would be prepared to be dragged out of bed in the early hours of the morning just so we could satisfy our little habit. We found such angels in Bennie and Richard. Thank you guys for supporting us!

The angel in the middle is Marle
A big "well done" to the organisers and marshalls who braved the rain to give the cyclists a safe ride. There were marshalls more than ankle deep in watery potholes waving red flags to warn us of the danger. A lonely marshall underneath a red umbrella with a plastic crate covering a crate(r)-hehehe and bright red cones in many a deep pothole. With the rainwater filling the potholes it was very difficult to judge how deep a hole really was, so the marshalls did just such a splendid job. I told you it was going to be fun! We all made it to the end in one piece and sat around our beer table, reliving our ride.

Congratulations to Mario and Marle with excellent times. They had every reason to smile and smile big!

Now for the next competition at the gym. The next photo is showing off some of our men here at Bulla. Your task is to write a speech bubble above each head or just one, or whatever good or funny quip you can come up with. What is Ian, Rodney and Mario saying? You tell me!

7 Jan 2010

Urban Assault Saturday 30 January 2010

The aim of the event is to have a fun time together and to get to know the other people in the gym and a new and different way to train and get fit.

This is a 12hour event and is happening on Saturday 30 January 2010. Start time will be at 10am-gives everyone enough time to get out of bed. Prize giving will be at 22:00.

This is a team event with the emphasis on T E A M. You have to be 2, 3 or 4 members in a team of which 1 member must be a walker/runner. This event is not only for cyclists. If you can’t find a walker/runner then one of the cyclists will have to sit out a cycling round and walk/run the lap. It will be a lap of about 4km, so before you are really tired it will be your teammate’s turn. So the distance will be well within the means of everybody.

Beginners this is for you! Of course you don’t have to be here all the time, you could arrange with your team for you to sit out a few rounds if you have to attend to work/family/shopping and then fall back in and complete another few laps. So get your teams together, dress up in team colours, decide on strategy and tactics, and have fun.

If you don’t want to run/walk/cycle but would like to be part of the event, please speak to me. I need a hand with lap timing etc.


Braai fires will be available throughout the day to turn some meat around. The gym will supply rolls for that wonderful Boerie rolls.

  • Coffee will be available throughout the day.
  • Hot shower will be available.
  •  Cold swimming in the pool will be available.
  • Music throughout the day.
Everyone is welcome!

  •  A bicycle-road/mountain
  •  Running shoes
  •  Energy drinks/foods
  • Braai food
  • Change of clothing
  • Towel
  • Lights for evening
  • Enthusiasm
  • Smiles the whole day
  • Teammates
  • Team Name
  • Rain Gear
  • Jacket for cold weather
Prize Giving
Prize giving will be at 22:00. Decision of the judges will be final.

Team entries close on Thursday 28 Jan. to give enough time for final arrangements.

Be observant and obey all traffic rules.

Happenings at the gym

What is happening @ the gym?

Welcome everybody! I am looking forward seeing everyone at the gym again and also seeing how you jump into your training programme with enthusiasm. I will try and communicate news through a monthly newsletter but as always lots more is happening on the blog as well as on Facebook www.facebook.com. You can become a fan of Bullamakanka Spinning and get all the latest news and bits quickly. If you want to, you can even provide me with your email address and I will then keep in touch with you with the latest at the gym if you’re not interested in blogs and facebooks.

The Argus Cycle Tour Is Looming
Well, not quite looming but getting closer every day! For all of you training for the Argus, this is the time to really knuckle down and work hard. It is just such a short period of time and then it is all over till next year.
By now you have booked your flight, if you are flying down, booked accommodation, and making sure your bike is arriving in Cape Town in one piece.

Transport for bicycles to Argus
The following companies are providing transport down for your bike to Cape Town and back. Check them out and make a decision quickly. I have made use in the past of JH Retief and of Nightwing.

JH Retief: www.cycletransportation.co.za
R720 per bicycle

Nightwing: www.nightwing.co.za.
R675 per bicycle

Elliott: www.elliott.co.za
R850 per bicycle

Training Schedule
I have worked out a programme, which might help you with your fitness and also to keep you exercising instead of giving up after a few weeks. It includes Time Trials, which are short fast rides. It includes long slow rides, which are to help you with endurance, and it includes fun events as well as races. Just a reminder that the Argus is 109km and the dreaded Boyce Drive seems to be a reality if they don’t fix the roads before then.

  •  Sat 9 Jan: 25/54/72km mountain biking @ Q Sera leaving at 7:30
  •  Sun 10 Jan: 48km road biking @ Kitty Hawk leaving at 7:30
  • Sat 16 Jan: 25/54/72km mountain biking @ Q Sera leaving at 7:30
  • Sun 17 Jan: Time trial @ Q Sera at 7:30. Road or mountain biking; a short lap of 16km. You can do 1, 2 or 3 laps and try improving your time with every lap.
  • Sun 24 Jan: Race day - The Fast One. I will try and organise transport back from the race. Anyone out there that might be able to help?
  •  Sat 30 Jan: Urban Assault – more details on attached newsletter.
  • Sun 31 Jan: Rest or Ride, it’s your choice!
This is quite a rigorous training programme but keep it going and I’m sure you will see a difference in your fitness quickly.

Check out the Urban Assault event on Saturday 30 January!