20 Jun 2010

day 2 and 3

No reception at the end of Day 2 at the end at Ntisikeni. What a day! Very long distance with major major uphills. Beautiful ride through forests, plantation and the natural forest at Donnybrook. The last 6km were never ending in the dark and having to pass 3 streams getting our feet wet. Needless to say I ended up with frosted toes.
Day 3: Freezing, freezing cold weather. The highlight of the day was seeing the snow packed mountains. Engredibly beautoful!! And the other was the wonderful reception at our lunch stop. Homemade soup better than Woolies. The absolute low light was when Ray's wheel's hub packed up. We made a plan there and then in the freezing wind. We ordered a new wheel to be delivered to us during the day along the way, but unfortunately only happened when we reach the stop at Masakala. Slow frustrating going. We could only manage 3k/h with some of the single track with difficult navigation. Take the left cattle track and hit a road on the other side ...... Lots of walking and tufties riding.

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