21 Jun 2010

day 5 VUVU

made it to Vuvu! A small little rural village close to Mount Fletcher. The local school is catering for us and we are sleeping in their homes and in their beds. I feel priveledge.
Todays ride was the usual.....tough. Mount, dismount, up the valley, down on the other side. Bought alot of land today...I'm smiling at myself right now but not when I did the nosedives. Beautiful senery at Black Fountain...hopefully all of you reading this will google all these foreign names. All part of SA.
The last stretch today was across the river, next to the river and across again. We were accompanied by children on their donkeys racing with us and giggling all the time.
The last last stretch was up a steep rocky cliff and little children waiting for us to show us the way to the school where we had our meals.
Left this morning at 6 and arrived at 19:00. A long long day.

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