27 Jun 2010

Day 10 hofmeyer

I left Romansfontein this morning escorted by'Justin. One of the other riders. I assured him that I would be fine so with a sigh of relieve, not having to babysit me he pushed on ........too far. By the time I reached the top of the mountain, he only caught up.
Coming down the mpuntain was another story. A rocking n a rolling!! I did the rolling. Helmet, backpack, bike, in that order. The bike was stopped by a low bush so it all ended in one big heap, as my shoes were still cleated in. I wriggled myself loose and collected all my belongings.....water bottles, lube, marie biscuits, and one rubber glove. Couldn.t find the other.
Here in Hofmeyer I met Mr and Mrs Lord. Old farmers of the community but now living in town. He was the founder of the 100 miler horse riding event now in its 32th year. Every year the event takes place in August on the first Sat during full moon as the horses take off at 2am. Nothing about cycling......
When I came down the mountain pass and looked up, I saw the Karroo. What an amazing site. Had to stop and take a pic. Thats where my soul is, in the openess, the space, the unclutterness.
Thanks to all for messages, comments, and for watching my progress. It is a race.....for me to finish in 26 days.


Jaco Strydom said...

Vasbyt Gerda. More ry jy deur na Stuttgard dan het jy weer 'n halwe dag opgemaak. Praat weer More aand.

Jake said...

Probeer jy aandag trek met die gevallery? Ek is bly jy het nie seergekry nie en dat jou ego nog OK is! Sterkte vorentoe en passop vir daai afdraendes. Groete Jake