27 Feb 2007

Argus Hall of Fame

These are our heroes taking part in the commemorative 30th Argus Cycle Tour. This is what they had to say:

Carol: I'm not sure if I'm going to ride this year.
We are all cheering you on, Carol. Go Girl Go!

Francois: 2nd Argus. What will my time be? Who knows? If I know the answer to that, I can win the Lotto too.

Corne: The 9th! I want to, just for once, feel I came off better than the last year.

Michele: 1st Argus-They say it's nice and beautiful.

Mandie: Last year we stopped at all the stops and the sites. This year we are Serious!!

Francois Steyn: yes yes yes, it's all true, we did stop at all the sites and water points but Yes we are serious! That's now Mandie and I.

Rodney: 1st Argus and looking forward to it! My time? Anything under 4:30 would be great.

Albert: Have you checked my history?
Bulla: No we haven't, but I think you have done 21 Arguss or not? We will check and see. Keep going.

Christo: The fastest cyclist at the Bulla gym. "I'm not waiting for pasta on Saturday, I 'm taking my own!
Bulla: go chef, go!

Hano: My partner in the Baviaans 2005/6. "Partner we are riding in the same group." A first for Hano on a single bike in the Argus. Previous rides were on a tandem with his wife Analda.

Karen: I'm wondering..........

Debbie and Joseph: We are the social team!
Bulla: We really like to social too. So we will see you at the beer tent at the end?.......

Abri: One of the Bulla Instructors. "I'm going, I'm going....... riding single but I'm going!" Usually rides with his wife Carna on a tandem.

Talitha: It's fun and really special! 2nd Argus.

Andre: 1st Argus! I cant say anything because it is my first.
Bulla; We'll wait at the beer tent for you and will listen to all you have to say.

Lotte: I haven't trained as much as last year, but I've never stopped training.

Zoe: Bulla Instructor. It's fun and great!
Bulla: What about a personal best this year?

Anita: No, she's not doing the Argus this year, but will definitely do next year.
Bulla: we're all watching your progress..........

Riaan: 1st Argus. New bike, beautiful Cape, must be good!

Thys: I have to do it fast to get to the beer tent quick! My bike is new so ..................

It's me! I'm doing my 11th and would like to think I'm going for my personal best this year. If that happens ...............

Bulla: Is she riding or isn't she? Secret agent ? Naaaah, just not sure what she is doing

Guy: I'm definitely doing it next year!

Johan Roux:

Bulla: He left early to do some secret training in the Cape, that's why we don't have any pics of him. Ride well Johan!

And last but not least, the latest addition to the Bulla Gym, Stephen and his wife Nita.

Stephen: This is the 5th. Everytime is new and different, but great!

The Argus Migration

We've all seen the migration of birds to stunning breeding places, and we've all seen the animals of Africa migrating over big grassy plains.

But, have you seen the biggest migration of bicycles trekking South? Are you part of the migration to the biggest timed race? Are you part of the 35000 cyclists congregating every year in the beautiful Cape? Not??!! Well, there is always next year to become part of this huge move of bicycles. Bicycles everywhere, on cars, on trailers, on planes, in trains, in trucks, in boxes, out of boxes ....... Hotels booked and B&B's and rooms, and family homes quickly transformed into hostels of sorts. Almost sounds like the story of ..."no room in the inn"....... If you by this time don't have a room to put down your weary head...you have a problem ...... and you'll need good luck.

There is going to be TV coverage of the race for all the other unfortunate people who has to stay at home. Sunday 11 March, 6:00-14:00 live coverage on SABC2. Check it out, be part of the buzz. You never know, the bug may bite and you might become part of this event.

How many people of the Bulla Gym are taking part? I don't know, because just as I think I've got the number right, I got late joiners to the gym looking for a last minute of extra training. More or less 23 spinners, I would say. Watch the space just after this article as I will start loading our "Argus Hall of Fame". Pictures of our heroes and what they have to say about the race. For some it is going to be their first Argus, for some their 9th or 10th.

Please note, the gym will close on Thursday 8 March, but only after the 6am class. So we will still spin at 6am on Thursday. I have a plane to catch and will only see you again on Tuesday 13 March at 6am again.

To all those trekking down by car, have a safe ride, be patient on the road and remember your extra number plate behind your bikes. The road from Bloem to Beaufort West in particular is a traffic officers' heaven. To all those flying down, enjoy the relaxing trip, and when you collect your bike at the various points, please make sure it is your bike you're grabbing. I know we all would like a Specialized. Remember also, no CO2 bombers on the plane. It's no fun unpacking your case on the floor at "check in" trying to find the little buggers among underwear and goo sachets and water bottles. Gee, what a combination!

Training tip for March: If you stop training now, all the hard work will dwindle down again to almost nothing. So bottom line: keep training!

4 Feb 2007

This and That- February newsletter

So many things have happened just in one month that the only title I could give February's newsletter is "This and That."

First This: The parking is for real! Many of you, while reading a previous newsletter either commented "I didn't know we had a parking problem" while others commented "we actually don't mind walking miles to the gym, it adds to our fitness". I was quite aware of the parking problem and so has addressed it. The crushed stone is getting off loaded tomorrow and should be leveled and in place by the first afternoon class. OK, so I have done my part, here is yours. I wouldn't like to paint parking lines on my driveway, so I'm asking you to be considerate to other gymmers.. If you know you hate to reverse on an uphill, please park on the new gravelled parking. If you like to park almost inside the gym, we know that 3 cars can comfortably fit next to each other on the paved parking. Seeeriiass? Seeeriiiass!

First race of the season
Then That: The first race of the season has come and gone. So we know how much we still need to train for the big one! Quite a couple of new riders, or first timers have joined in the races and it was really good to see you completing your first race. You got your medal, but don't stop now, you've only started! Remember, we normally wait at the beer tent for everyone to come in - that means the last one - but we actually don't mind at all. We listen to all the stories, share in all the gripes and have a good laugh at all the fun and strange things happening on the rides. Please feel free to join us after the races. The results are normally put up in the gym, but also from now on, available on the blog.

Two Bulla Teams
And This: Great excitement as we have entered 2 Bulla teams for the Baviaans Marathon. I'm sure all who attended the braai was ready to tackle any race, including the Baviaans. The Bulla Team will be Rodney, Renzo, Elzet and Gerda with Maggie the support driver. And Bulla One will be Hano and Christo with Juliana the support driver. We know they are going to pull it off big!

The Picture
And That: Yes, I know you won't believe it , but these people have actually asked me to put their photo on the blog. OK, the background of the photo is the year end at Coco's. Every year Bulla Spinning has a year end function where we actually do meet our other gymmers and spinners. We are normally very surprised to see them in "normal "clothing and not in tight Lycra. The last two years we also made use of the event to do a little fundraising so we can change things quicker and make it better faster. Mario, our yellow jersey man from 2005 volunteered to open another shirt button if the girls from the next table chip in R10 every time he does. Here is the result. Estie the challenger, and Mario!

Little more of This: 17 new people have joined us in January. A great welcome to you all. Hope you have found the gym you've been looking for.

Little more of That: The new bikes have arrived! And at last the cadence meters too, after I have searched high and low. They are up and running but do remember to show a hand if the meters are playing up. Sometimes it is just a little switch or a slight adjustment needed.

Tip of the month: Don't only train harder, train smarter.

3 Feb 2007

Profile on Hybre van Rensburg

She likes it......... she likes it not........... she likes it.............she likes it not............... she likes it!

A very vibrant and enthusiastic person and her major advantage, the fact that she can almost go through an entire exercise without breathing. The other times spent on the ball,are taken up by talking which of course keeps every one in the gym happy, as we don't have to concentrate on the instructor miscounting. Here is what Hybre has got to say:

Occupation: Teacher
Age: 32
Likes: good food, good wine and good company
Dislikes: spinning, exercise (used to dislike), dishonesty, snobbery and people who are late.

I enjoy ball class as it is a controlled way of exercising.The classes are small, intimate and informal and we all have a lot of laughs. The exercise is strenuous, although not impossible to keep up with. When I joined the gym, I did 2 spinning classes and 2 ball classes a week. I've decided to stick with ball as it exercises all the muscles. It is the first time I actually look forward to exercise and feel happy and good when I finish. Ball is a pleasant challenge which I happily embrace.
And a note from Gerda. Ball classes are excellent for improving core stability - which "can help with everything from activities of daily living to vital performance edges in elite competition" (including cycling). Find out more about exercises for core stability at Supercycling / Cyclelab.