14 Apr 2010

Our preparations for Joberg2c

I don't quite know how we got ourselves into this one, the Joberg2c. It started off with a nice evening at a famous restaurant talking about mountain bike rides and how difficult it is to get into them, as they get filled up so quickly. After many a glass of wine and a captain or two we decided we want to enter this new event, Joberg2c. Got home quite excited, BUT, entries closed, all spaces filled up. So we put our names on the waiting list but because some people are more impatient than others, the organisers got their arms twisted in all directions and emails were sent and just before end of last year, we got in! Yaaayyy!

So our training started. Long rides in the saddle. A few climbs. More dirt road. Riding in the rain. Riding in all sorts of conditions. Testing ourselves. Testing each other. Convincing friends to ride with us, to make it easier to go out for the rides. Cleaning bikes. Packing bags. Servicing bikes. Getting new tyres. Getting a new phone with all the gadgets to make and keep contact with the gym and friends. Muddy rides. Dirty, hot and dusty rides. I got a permanent cycling short tan. The tan is getting darker and darker. Hooking and unhooking the bike rack. Pumping tyres. More riding. Did a maintenance course to gain a bit of knowledge of the thing I'm riding all the time. No saddle sores yet. Charging Garmins. I can cycle our route with eyes closed.

One more week before we're off to do the Joberg2c. Please keep in touch and follow our progress here on the blog as well as on Facebook.

I'm adding all the photos of the recent months' riding. Some are on the farm roads between Bronkhorstspruit and Bapsfontein and some on the road to Oyster Bay in the Eastern Cape. All beautiful. Starting off during summer, riding right into autumn. It was really beautiful to see the landscape changing, the different crops growing, the condition of the roads changing.

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gelukkig gaan julle n goeie machi he wat na julle sal kyk as daar probleme is......