26 Apr 2010

joberg2c Day 4

it is very difficult to remember which day of riding it is. It is bike wash, eat, pack bags, lube bike, eat again, shower, dry your clothes, desperately sorting through bags to find clothes.
The cut off for Day 4 has been extended because of difficulty and distance. Needless to say, we didn t make cut off. Rodney decided to have a rest day tomorrow and Ill do some more cycling.
Now I see, now I don t, now I see.....this is when my bifocals are jumping around on my nose on the downhills.
Tough but we are having fun


Jake said...

Hang in there! The fact that it is still raining in Petoorsdorp might make you guys feel better! Seems to me like you are packing a whole years training into one week. Have fun while doing it. Good luck from the Bulla Bandits

CT said...

Some motivation from across the Atlantic: Common old girl!! You too Rodney! Keep those wheels moving - you can do it! (worry about the monkey butts later - maybe gel seat covers can be chilled?). Love the pics. Miss you guys