27 Apr 2010

joberg2c Day 5

we are now in Glengarry near Kamberg. Today took us through 40 km of single track through some farmlands. A mountain pass followed and then the forests.
While the Captain took a rest day the Underling cycled and took lots of photos which I will put on the blog once I m back.
This is a tough ride and you need to be able to average at least 15k/h to finish in the cut off time. Considering eating time at water tables and any mechanicals you might encounter on the way.
My right shifter is playing up and the gear cable is getting replaced right now. All happening now so I can cyclw again tomorrow.
Food is great and making new friends along the way

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Jake said...

Keep it up Gerda. Hope Rodney had a good days rest and that he is on the saddle again today. Have fun! Jake, Amanda and the other Bulla's