6 Apr 2010

April 2010 Newsletter

Yes, I know, time flies. Well the Argus is gone. Well done to all the riders. I’m sure you’ve enjoyed it tremendously, and that you will go back next year. Hopefully the Capetonians will have learned to control their wind by next year. Haha.

Rodney and I will be attempting the Joberg2c race, except we see it as an adventure and not a race. We leave the racing to the pros. It is taking place from 23 April – 1 May all the way from Suikerbosrand to Scottburgh.

Total Distance 923km
Total Ascent 12 875m
To see more of the route and to read more about the event check out www.joberg2c.co.za The gym will be closed from 12:00 on Thursday 22 April and will reopen on Monday 3 May at 6:00.

This is a must do on any cyclist’s list of rides to do. It is a road event and can be called, The Argus of the North because of popularity and organisation. It is also nicely warm up North during winter when all of us further South, want to cocoon ourselves in winter woollies. The event takes the form of a 4-stage race except all the stages are happening on one day, starting at 7:00 and the last stage starting at 16:00. You will be provided with lovely food after each stage and they even provide a spectators bus following the cyclists on the 175km route. There is a shorter route of 70km that sounds a whole 100km less daunting. More info on www.kremetartcycling.co.za

Saturday 5 June 2010.

Some serious training is already taking place for this event. All the teams haven’t been finalised yet, so please don’t feel you don’t have a team to ride with. Please speak to me so we can start finalising the teams. It is very important that you do train with your teammates, as you do need to get to know them better before attempting the 230km Mtb marathon. I know, August, sounds like a far off month, but believe me, it is not!

I would also like to finalise accommodation in Willowmore, which I’ve explained in a previous newsletter, is a small little Karoo town. All this excitement is taking place on 14 August.

We do training rides over weekends. Please keep in touch for details of planned rides.

I am in training for The Freedom Challenge later this year and will appreciate any riders coming out to ride with me.


Although this might sound like only cycling and nothing else, it is eventually about the individual and his/her training. How are you doing? In a rut? Keep your training fresh by adding another day, another time, maybe a run in between spinning days.
Keep fit! Have fun!

Forever Bulla Team

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