29 Apr 2010

joberg2c Day 6 and 7

Yesterdays ride was brutal and was 90% uphill and 10% technical downhill. We were catered for by the polo club of Underberg and was absolutely spoiled. The tented camp was spread out on the polo field. Such stunning surroundings. Body and bike are doing fine.
We did today the first part of the Sani2c and the single track is just awesome. Took a tumble when my backpack decided to go one way and the tree on the otherside said this way. Not serious damage but annoying.
We are celebrating day 7 s end-77km. 2 more days to the sea!
Living in a tent lost it s novelty and so has wet washing, bungled bags and finding the loos. We areucky and has so far missed the tummy runs.
Enjoying a wine @ Mackanzie club

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Jake said...

Glad you are still in good "spirits". only one tent-night left. Enjoy! Bulla Bandits