4 Jan 2008

New class times

Welcome back after the holidays. I hope you all feel totally unfit and flabby, because then I'm sure I will see you at the gym.
Just make sure about the new class times for 2008.

Six in the morning is still six in the morning. I think the only thing we could possibly add there is coffee and muffins.
All afternoon group classes are falling away to make place for special attention private classes, either in spinning or in ball. classes are 14:00-15:00 and
15:00-16:00 and
16:00- 17:00.
These classes are sold in 10 class packages and need to be booked in advance and be paid for in full. Classes cost R100 per private class and lasts for 50min.

All 17:30 Classes will be spin classes and will be given by Zoe.

Tuesday evenings have been changed into a double spinning class. Class will start at 18:30 and will carry on till 20:00. Because of the structure of the class you won't be able to join the class halfway through.
Please make sure about your class bookings so we can ensure a bike for you.
Check out the right side window for more info.
Happy spinning for 2008!

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