20 Jan 2008

Bike Transport

Yes, it is that time of the year again and we are getting ready for The Argus......... again!

I know you have your preliminary number and start time, a place to stay, your air ticket. Here are the info in short for your bike to get transported safely.

Elliot operates from Cyclelab Johannesburg and Cyclelab Durban. Their cost is R750 per bike. Go to www.elliott.co.za 011 256 3000

JH Retief operating from Centurion. Cost is R600 per bike. Go to www.jhretief.co.za 012 644 1558

Nightwing Couriers operates from Melrose Arch and their cost R575 per bike. They have their collection and drop off point in Cape Town at the old rugby club which has a fence or two in between the end of the race and them. Cheaper but not the most convenient. Go to www.nightwing.co.za 0860 COURIER

All the bike movers have special dates on which bikes have to be delivered and collected. Read carefully and also make sure of their drop off point again in Cape Town after the race.

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Ronna said...

Keep up the good work.