20 Jan 2008


Ok, so it is a reality! If you would like to be seeded for future races you have to join a cycling club and also have to be licensed with cycling SA-that is, you have to have a CYCLOSPORT licence. Who came up with this new plan?
I don't know, but if we in future can see some difference in cycling paths (which cycling paths) for cyclists and safe and secure places to ride, I'm sure we will all say, Yes! go for it. We as cyclists would really like to know how they are going to spend the extra income. As if we are not already paying a lot for our race entries. Some ideas out there? Do you agree, disagree, or have any ideas on this subject, please let us know what you think. Or if you are on the Cycling SA board please let us know why this move.

Like the site of SA cycling explains: "it is important to read carefully through all the material" and " try not to burden the CSA office with phone calls please" ............
For more info and to download all the forms you have to fill in and to see how much you have to pay go to http://www.cyclingsa.com./
But please don't phone them!..........

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