4 Feb 2007

This and That- February newsletter

So many things have happened just in one month that the only title I could give February's newsletter is "This and That."

First This: The parking is for real! Many of you, while reading a previous newsletter either commented "I didn't know we had a parking problem" while others commented "we actually don't mind walking miles to the gym, it adds to our fitness". I was quite aware of the parking problem and so has addressed it. The crushed stone is getting off loaded tomorrow and should be leveled and in place by the first afternoon class. OK, so I have done my part, here is yours. I wouldn't like to paint parking lines on my driveway, so I'm asking you to be considerate to other gymmers.. If you know you hate to reverse on an uphill, please park on the new gravelled parking. If you like to park almost inside the gym, we know that 3 cars can comfortably fit next to each other on the paved parking. Seeeriiass? Seeeriiiass!

First race of the season
Then That: The first race of the season has come and gone. So we know how much we still need to train for the big one! Quite a couple of new riders, or first timers have joined in the races and it was really good to see you completing your first race. You got your medal, but don't stop now, you've only started! Remember, we normally wait at the beer tent for everyone to come in - that means the last one - but we actually don't mind at all. We listen to all the stories, share in all the gripes and have a good laugh at all the fun and strange things happening on the rides. Please feel free to join us after the races. The results are normally put up in the gym, but also from now on, available on the blog.

Two Bulla Teams
And This: Great excitement as we have entered 2 Bulla teams for the Baviaans Marathon. I'm sure all who attended the braai was ready to tackle any race, including the Baviaans. The Bulla Team will be Rodney, Renzo, Elzet and Gerda with Maggie the support driver. And Bulla One will be Hano and Christo with Juliana the support driver. We know they are going to pull it off big!

The Picture
And That: Yes, I know you won't believe it , but these people have actually asked me to put their photo on the blog. OK, the background of the photo is the year end at Coco's. Every year Bulla Spinning has a year end function where we actually do meet our other gymmers and spinners. We are normally very surprised to see them in "normal "clothing and not in tight Lycra. The last two years we also made use of the event to do a little fundraising so we can change things quicker and make it better faster. Mario, our yellow jersey man from 2005 volunteered to open another shirt button if the girls from the next table chip in R10 every time he does. Here is the result. Estie the challenger, and Mario!

Little more of This: 17 new people have joined us in January. A great welcome to you all. Hope you have found the gym you've been looking for.

Little more of That: The new bikes have arrived! And at last the cadence meters too, after I have searched high and low. They are up and running but do remember to show a hand if the meters are playing up. Sometimes it is just a little switch or a slight adjustment needed.

Tip of the month: Don't only train harder, train smarter.

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Spanner said...

Go Mario!!! Where's the big red 'S' and the underpants on the outside? Hee, hee

My opinion:
Bulla One ETA: 12 hours
Bulla Team ETA: 18 hours
Come on guys, you can do it!!

What new bikes do you have? I'm sure the cadence meters will do good things for your training. Will give more variety too. A good gauge for those working at their own pace.

Congrats to all who did the "Fast One" - all I can do is drool when I read about it. One day.....