27 Feb 2007

Argus Hall of Fame

These are our heroes taking part in the commemorative 30th Argus Cycle Tour. This is what they had to say:

Carol: I'm not sure if I'm going to ride this year.
We are all cheering you on, Carol. Go Girl Go!

Francois: 2nd Argus. What will my time be? Who knows? If I know the answer to that, I can win the Lotto too.

Corne: The 9th! I want to, just for once, feel I came off better than the last year.

Michele: 1st Argus-They say it's nice and beautiful.

Mandie: Last year we stopped at all the stops and the sites. This year we are Serious!!

Francois Steyn: yes yes yes, it's all true, we did stop at all the sites and water points but Yes we are serious! That's now Mandie and I.

Rodney: 1st Argus and looking forward to it! My time? Anything under 4:30 would be great.

Albert: Have you checked my history?
Bulla: No we haven't, but I think you have done 21 Arguss or not? We will check and see. Keep going.

Christo: The fastest cyclist at the Bulla gym. "I'm not waiting for pasta on Saturday, I 'm taking my own!
Bulla: go chef, go!

Hano: My partner in the Baviaans 2005/6. "Partner we are riding in the same group." A first for Hano on a single bike in the Argus. Previous rides were on a tandem with his wife Analda.

Karen: I'm wondering..........

Debbie and Joseph: We are the social team!
Bulla: We really like to social too. So we will see you at the beer tent at the end?.......

Abri: One of the Bulla Instructors. "I'm going, I'm going....... riding single but I'm going!" Usually rides with his wife Carna on a tandem.

Talitha: It's fun and really special! 2nd Argus.

Andre: 1st Argus! I cant say anything because it is my first.
Bulla; We'll wait at the beer tent for you and will listen to all you have to say.

Lotte: I haven't trained as much as last year, but I've never stopped training.

Zoe: Bulla Instructor. It's fun and great!
Bulla: What about a personal best this year?

Anita: No, she's not doing the Argus this year, but will definitely do next year.
Bulla: we're all watching your progress..........

Riaan: 1st Argus. New bike, beautiful Cape, must be good!

Thys: I have to do it fast to get to the beer tent quick! My bike is new so ..................

It's me! I'm doing my 11th and would like to think I'm going for my personal best this year. If that happens ...............

Bulla: Is she riding or isn't she? Secret agent ? Naaaah, just not sure what she is doing

Guy: I'm definitely doing it next year!

Johan Roux:

Bulla: He left early to do some secret training in the Cape, that's why we don't have any pics of him. Ride well Johan!

And last but not least, the latest addition to the Bulla Gym, Stephen and his wife Nita.

Stephen: This is the 5th. Everytime is new and different, but great!


Spanner said...

Hey Guy, This gonna increase your accuracy and speed? Spinning has not been known to exercise your trigger finger!

Debbie said...

Gerda thanks alot for the training it really came in handy when me and Joseph tackeled the Argus this year.