27 Feb 2007

The Argus Migration

We've all seen the migration of birds to stunning breeding places, and we've all seen the animals of Africa migrating over big grassy plains.

But, have you seen the biggest migration of bicycles trekking South? Are you part of the migration to the biggest timed race? Are you part of the 35000 cyclists congregating every year in the beautiful Cape? Not??!! Well, there is always next year to become part of this huge move of bicycles. Bicycles everywhere, on cars, on trailers, on planes, in trains, in trucks, in boxes, out of boxes ....... Hotels booked and B&B's and rooms, and family homes quickly transformed into hostels of sorts. Almost sounds like the story of ..."no room in the inn"....... If you by this time don't have a room to put down your weary head...you have a problem ...... and you'll need good luck.

There is going to be TV coverage of the race for all the other unfortunate people who has to stay at home. Sunday 11 March, 6:00-14:00 live coverage on SABC2. Check it out, be part of the buzz. You never know, the bug may bite and you might become part of this event.

How many people of the Bulla Gym are taking part? I don't know, because just as I think I've got the number right, I got late joiners to the gym looking for a last minute of extra training. More or less 23 spinners, I would say. Watch the space just after this article as I will start loading our "Argus Hall of Fame". Pictures of our heroes and what they have to say about the race. For some it is going to be their first Argus, for some their 9th or 10th.

Please note, the gym will close on Thursday 8 March, but only after the 6am class. So we will still spin at 6am on Thursday. I have a plane to catch and will only see you again on Tuesday 13 March at 6am again.

To all those trekking down by car, have a safe ride, be patient on the road and remember your extra number plate behind your bikes. The road from Bloem to Beaufort West in particular is a traffic officers' heaven. To all those flying down, enjoy the relaxing trip, and when you collect your bike at the various points, please make sure it is your bike you're grabbing. I know we all would like a Specialized. Remember also, no CO2 bombers on the plane. It's no fun unpacking your case on the floor at "check in" trying to find the little buggers among underwear and goo sachets and water bottles. Gee, what a combination!

Training tip for March: If you stop training now, all the hard work will dwindle down again to almost nothing. So bottom line: keep training!

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