3 Feb 2007

Profile on Hybre van Rensburg

She likes it......... she likes it not........... she likes it.............she likes it not............... she likes it!

A very vibrant and enthusiastic person and her major advantage, the fact that she can almost go through an entire exercise without breathing. The other times spent on the ball,are taken up by talking which of course keeps every one in the gym happy, as we don't have to concentrate on the instructor miscounting. Here is what Hybre has got to say:

Occupation: Teacher
Age: 32
Likes: good food, good wine and good company
Dislikes: spinning, exercise (used to dislike), dishonesty, snobbery and people who are late.

I enjoy ball class as it is a controlled way of exercising.The classes are small, intimate and informal and we all have a lot of laughs. The exercise is strenuous, although not impossible to keep up with. When I joined the gym, I did 2 spinning classes and 2 ball classes a week. I've decided to stick with ball as it exercises all the muscles. It is the first time I actually look forward to exercise and feel happy and good when I finish. Ball is a pleasant challenge which I happily embrace.
And a note from Gerda. Ball classes are excellent for improving core stability - which "can help with everything from activities of daily living to vital performance edges in elite competition" (including cycling). Find out more about exercises for core stability at Supercycling / Cyclelab.

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