7 Jan 2010

Urban Assault Saturday 30 January 2010

The aim of the event is to have a fun time together and to get to know the other people in the gym and a new and different way to train and get fit.

This is a 12hour event and is happening on Saturday 30 January 2010. Start time will be at 10am-gives everyone enough time to get out of bed. Prize giving will be at 22:00.

This is a team event with the emphasis on T E A M. You have to be 2, 3 or 4 members in a team of which 1 member must be a walker/runner. This event is not only for cyclists. If you can’t find a walker/runner then one of the cyclists will have to sit out a cycling round and walk/run the lap. It will be a lap of about 4km, so before you are really tired it will be your teammate’s turn. So the distance will be well within the means of everybody.

Beginners this is for you! Of course you don’t have to be here all the time, you could arrange with your team for you to sit out a few rounds if you have to attend to work/family/shopping and then fall back in and complete another few laps. So get your teams together, dress up in team colours, decide on strategy and tactics, and have fun.

If you don’t want to run/walk/cycle but would like to be part of the event, please speak to me. I need a hand with lap timing etc.


Braai fires will be available throughout the day to turn some meat around. The gym will supply rolls for that wonderful Boerie rolls.

  • Coffee will be available throughout the day.
  • Hot shower will be available.
  •  Cold swimming in the pool will be available.
  • Music throughout the day.
Everyone is welcome!

  •  A bicycle-road/mountain
  •  Running shoes
  •  Energy drinks/foods
  • Braai food
  • Change of clothing
  • Towel
  • Lights for evening
  • Enthusiasm
  • Smiles the whole day
  • Teammates
  • Team Name
  • Rain Gear
  • Jacket for cold weather
Prize Giving
Prize giving will be at 22:00. Decision of the judges will be final.

Team entries close on Thursday 28 Jan. to give enough time for final arrangements.

Be observant and obey all traffic rules.

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