7 Jan 2010

Happenings at the gym

What is happening @ the gym?

Welcome everybody! I am looking forward seeing everyone at the gym again and also seeing how you jump into your training programme with enthusiasm. I will try and communicate news through a monthly newsletter but as always lots more is happening on the blog as well as on Facebook www.facebook.com. You can become a fan of Bullamakanka Spinning and get all the latest news and bits quickly. If you want to, you can even provide me with your email address and I will then keep in touch with you with the latest at the gym if you’re not interested in blogs and facebooks.

The Argus Cycle Tour Is Looming
Well, not quite looming but getting closer every day! For all of you training for the Argus, this is the time to really knuckle down and work hard. It is just such a short period of time and then it is all over till next year.
By now you have booked your flight, if you are flying down, booked accommodation, and making sure your bike is arriving in Cape Town in one piece.

Transport for bicycles to Argus
The following companies are providing transport down for your bike to Cape Town and back. Check them out and make a decision quickly. I have made use in the past of JH Retief and of Nightwing.

JH Retief: www.cycletransportation.co.za
R720 per bicycle

Nightwing: www.nightwing.co.za.
R675 per bicycle

Elliott: www.elliott.co.za
R850 per bicycle

Training Schedule
I have worked out a programme, which might help you with your fitness and also to keep you exercising instead of giving up after a few weeks. It includes Time Trials, which are short fast rides. It includes long slow rides, which are to help you with endurance, and it includes fun events as well as races. Just a reminder that the Argus is 109km and the dreaded Boyce Drive seems to be a reality if they don’t fix the roads before then.

  •  Sat 9 Jan: 25/54/72km mountain biking @ Q Sera leaving at 7:30
  •  Sun 10 Jan: 48km road biking @ Kitty Hawk leaving at 7:30
  • Sat 16 Jan: 25/54/72km mountain biking @ Q Sera leaving at 7:30
  • Sun 17 Jan: Time trial @ Q Sera at 7:30. Road or mountain biking; a short lap of 16km. You can do 1, 2 or 3 laps and try improving your time with every lap.
  • Sun 24 Jan: Race day - The Fast One. I will try and organise transport back from the race. Anyone out there that might be able to help?
  •  Sat 30 Jan: Urban Assault – more details on attached newsletter.
  • Sun 31 Jan: Rest or Ride, it’s your choice!
This is quite a rigorous training programme but keep it going and I’m sure you will see a difference in your fitness quickly.

Check out the Urban Assault event on Saturday 30 January!

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