4 May 2008

Cranky Monkey Farm

Winter is also an ideal time to fine tune mountain bike skills. The Cranky Monkey Skills Park will open mid-May and with three skill drill areas, you will be guided through a series of drills to take you from zero to hero in no time. The park has taken a little longer to complete, but promises to be something spectacular. The opening weekend is 10/11th May and you are invited to come and ride at the park free of charge. Instructors will be on hand to assist and you will be able to book future group or one-on-one sessions at the venue. Visit www.crankymonkey.co.za and see for yourself.
Now that sounds ideal in doing something different. Go and check it out, see what it is all about. I'm sure you will enjoy it.
Sorry about the Breakfast Ride not taking place this last weekend. Yes, as you've gathered, with the sudden introduction of another public holiday , we here at Bulla had to cancel our breakfast ride as it was now falling on a long weekend and many riders took a break. Watch this space as we will definitely plan another fun ride.
Hopefully you are all still training hard for the next ride, the Bela Bela. Still a couple more days to enter.
By the way, what are you planning during the winter months to keep your fitness levels up? Easy to slide backwards, isn't it? Let us know of your fitness plans to help motivate others getting fitter during the winter months.

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