3 Feb 2008

Some Cycling To Do

Yes, it is so easy to read about cycling, page through the latest cycling magazine, listening to what other people have to say about their rides ......... still no ride?! Come on! Off you go, you will enjoy it! I have put a whole lot of interesting sites and rides together for you to do. On the righthand side of the blog are a number of links you only have to "click" on to get connected to. No Google search, nothing but convenience.

http://www.mtbroutes.co.za/ is all about mountainbike routes all over SA. Just click on the province and you'll find routes everywhere. This is the site I went to before my trip to the South Coast. So if you are planning a holiday to another province and you are planning to take your bike along, this site will give you all the riding info.

http://www.ar.co.za/ is for the more extreme amongst us. Adventure racing is what this site is all about. Go and see what other people are doing. Their fitness is but a dream.

http://www.mccainaddicts.co.za/ is a group of mountain bikers sponsored by the McCain food group. Very interesting site, to read about the bikers' profiles. They had two teams taking part in last year's Baviaans Mountain bike Marathon. Go to the site, "click" on News. Scroll down to Aug 2007. Click on baviaans and watch the short video.

http://www.crankymonkey.co.za/ is a site all about skills on the bike. If you are looking for people to ride with, go to this site and register and find a buddy.

Seeing that we all have to belong to a cycling club, I have opted for the Mugg and Bean club, just because they offered me a cheap option. http://www.themuggclub.co.za/ sounds like great fun. They all meet at a Mugg and Bean before rides for coffee and ditto after the rides. Sounds like something I would like. They also send out regular newsletters about their rides and new happenings. This is the mountain biking arm of Cycle Lab.

Talking about licensing.....the new licensing has been postponed till the 17th February because Cycling SA couldn't keep up with the new registrations but also because of power outages.............sounds like the old "cheque is in the post" excuse.

The Double Class on a Tuesday night from 18:30-20:00 seems to be a real hit. Some serious training is happening during that class but is still fully enjoyed by all. They are all coming back for more. Come check it out, even if it is only once.

Not too late to find a spot in the Argus line up. http://www.cycletour.co.za/ gives you the option to download the substitution form, fill it in, and send back. There is only time till 22 February to get an entry on the substitution list. If you don't know of anyone not riding, simply pop them an email stating that you would like to ride and they will try and find a number for you.

This is already the second month of the year. On par with your training/fitness?

See you on the ride, the race or in the gym.

PS. No 6am class on Friday 08/02 and no 6am class Monday 11/02. I will be taking part in the VW Herald race in PE. Will be my first race in PE. Will report back next week.

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