18 Feb 2008

Ride for Sight 2008

I will publish the latest results of the Dischem Ride for Sight on the blog as soon as I get all the riders' info. Dischem was the official sponsor of this ride this year, after it was sponsored for many many years by Liberty Life.
Remember the blue t-shirt in the goodie bag with the eye on the front? Well, no more. But go to any gym and you'll find guys wearing a T-shirt stating, Liberty Ride for Sight 2005, 2006, 2007.

Good ride, although after the windy VW Herald I was sort of second best. Very good times I have to mention though is our star, Christo with a 3:13 and Pauline who has improved her time by many minutes racing over the line with a 4:11. She claims it is spinning and ball classes which have improved her times. Try it!
A lot of new comers to the gym also racing. Watch the result page with new names.
The next ride is Macsteel Ride this coming Sunday, starting at Carnival City. You can still do a late entry.
See you at the gym or the Macsteel Ride

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