28 Feb 2008

The Argus Line Up

Well, after lots of training and preparations, the big day is almost here. Here is the line up of riders from the gym. Wish them well and be there next year!
Albert: Has done 21 Argus Cycle Tour rides and is now on nr 22! Well done! His advice to me for when I'm doing a standing climb is: It is only painly for the first 21 sec, after that you're on a roll.......
Lotte: Thanks for the call and telling me of the other gym's training....... gggrrrrrr. Hope it'll go well

Talitha: Joining us as a spectator this year. Thanks for that Talitha! We'll see you at the beer tent

Christo: The Fast One! Hope you'll break the Sub 3 mark this year. Good Luck!

Andre: Second Argus Ride and hopefully under 4hours. Hope this is ssso good that you don't want to miss the next one
Corne: This is a man with a challenge. He is sure he is going to beat me this year by 20min. The bet is R400's worth of alcoholic beverages. I told him I like Chenin Blanc, Merlot and Absolut Vodka. Keep your fingers crossed people, for the winner....... we will see by next week Sunday.
Zoe: You know what, every year is different. When it's windy it is more difficult ...........
Francois: Very quiet this year..... expect a good time
Rodney: It's just my legs...... they don't seem to go faster.........busy doing a scientific study of wind conditions on the coast of Cape of Good Hope! Is it now 7km/h or 7m/h or 7sec/h NNW turning SSE and by the halfway mark ..........

Hano: Has done the Sabie Subaru recently and declared the mountains in the Cape as flat...A little hill, maybe just a koppie, like in the Free State.........

Thys and Michelle: Always cycling together

Gerda: Done 11 Argus Rides. Wonder if I'll be able to stay 20min ahead of Corne. And the glasses?........ so I can see better my dear........from the 3 pigs and a wolf
Pauline: Third Argus or is it the 4th. But very well prepared. Watch this time.......First time riding for the Bulla Team and she might form part of the Bulla Baviaans team this year. Taking great strides, or is it pedal strokes....
Etienne: for ever travelling but such a bike fixer if ever needed one. Very fast and consistent times this year. Will see what the Argus holds for him

Jacques Gryzenhout, Jacques Rossouw, Susan Rossouw, Albert Jacobs, Georgine Jacobs, Carl Trieloff, Jason Rose who once again has been called to duties: I don't have pics of you, but sure you will have a fun time. Have an Absolute fun ride. See you at the end at the beer tent! We are honestly waiting till the last guy is in. Enjoy! See you in Cape Town.
For all the sorry souls staying behind... the gym will be closed as all instructors are down there, where it is happening... Cape Town. Closed on Thursday 6 March-opening again 11 March at 6am.

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