12 Nov 2007

Year-End Function!

18 November: 94.7 !
And so, this is all that is now remaining of our training programme…the 94.7 Cycle Challenge. We trained hard and I’m sure you will see the results of your training. It was really great not to have to train on my own and thanks to everyone who has joined in with the hill training, time trials and races. Remember we will be waiting at the Bulla hospitality area after the race, and yes, we will be waiting till all is in. Come and join us for drinks and eats and share your experience with us.

Year-End Function
This is what everyone was waiting for, our year-end function. All I can say from previous year-ends, they are getting better and better. So grab your diary and don’t miss out on THE event of the year. As always there will be surprises and NO, Amanda will not win the raffle this year.
It will take place on Friday 30 November @ 18:30 for 19:00 at Cocos, Castle Walk. Lets face it, they know us so well by know and are very tolerant to all our party moods. I hope to see many, if not all of you there. I need to make the final booking by Tuesday 27 November. RSVP!

Money Money Money
Unfortunately the spinning card price will go up for next year and will cost R250 for 11 classes (R22.70 a class) not bad at all! The good news is, that you can buy as many spinning cards as you like now, at this year’s price of R220 and use them in the New Year. A single class will cost R35.00
We have started at the gym with one on one ball classes, meaning you can have your own personal instructor to help you with the ball classes but not only that, we would also like to extend that to the spinning. So if you would rather like to train on your own, book your times and classes now. Times are Mon-Thurs from 14:00-17:00. Classes will be 50min long and costs will be R100 per class. 10 class packages are available (R1000) and will be booked in advance. Please speak to Gerda.
16:30 Classes
All 16:30 classes will fall away from next year. These classes will be turned into personal trainer classes.
17:30 Classes
All 17:30 classes will from next year be spinning classes and will be presented by Zoë.
Evening ball classes
Mondays and Wednesdays at 18:30 will be ball classes from next year.
Double Classes
And from next year there will be a double spinning class available every week. It will be every Tuesday 18:30-20:00 (90 min in all). So if you would really like a bit of a longer workout or if you are training for a specific event, be there on Tuesdays. You will be allowed to leave early if you had enough but will not be allowed to join halfway through a class.
Many new things at the gym! Keep training!
See you at the party!

The Bulla Team

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