24 Nov 2007

2007 Racing to the end

And so it is that we are racing to the end of 2007, and what an excellent way in doing that by taking part in the 94.7 Cycle Challenge. We saw best times ever, excellent times and first times. With weather reports forecasting stormy weather and rain, we were all relieved to see a beautiful day dawning. After making sure that the new gazebo got delivered on time at the hospitality area and that our hostess Amanda was on her merry way to wait for the first arrivals and to sign off the food platters and most importantly the drinks and ice, the riders set off to the start of the race.

First in was Christo, of course, in 2:46. He didn't mind waiting for the next rider to come in, and so the welcoming committee grew as the day progressed and as the riders came in.

We hardly had time to sit down to a beer and listen to the brave story when we all had to get up again and welcome in the next member.

No...........they were not part of the "three blind mice" musical. Of course the welcoming committee got merrier and merrier as the day progressed.

We ate and drank and talked and repeated these tasks with a vigour. It was time for our friend Mario -or as he is known in the gym " Mr M" - to come in. Everyone was speculating about his time, being his first ever cycle race, and his ability to complete such a strenuous ride and a lot of toasts were made in his absence. At last the hero was spotted and the welcoming committee once again rose to the occasion

He was welcomed like a lost son. We overheard his phone call to his wife telling her: "These people don't stop hugging me". Of course that called for more beers and brave stories. To all the other first timers; Janine and Cheryl, well done!

To all the Bulla members who proudly worn their Bulla cycling shirt on the big day, I say Thank You! It was wonderful seeing you coming in with smiles on your faces. It was also easy spotting you in the crowd. To the anonymous sponsor who sponsored part of the day, a big thank you, we were like a big family, one in spirit, all going for gold. To Amanda who offered her services just to be part of the event Thanks Girl! Afterwards I sent her a sms thanking her again for her time. Her reply was: it's a great pleasure, but I won't do it again next year. I will be riding myself, I was so inspired by Mario.
What more can I say..............

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Spanner said...

Does this mean that Mario has gained team status for the Baviaans?