13 Nov 2007

Keep Riding

When I said we are having a year-end function, it didn't mean at all that the gym will now be closed, not at all. Gym times will be running as normal through December up to the 15th. From Tuesday 18 December only the 6am classes will still be open . Of course from Christmas to New Year even us will be closed.

So while we are all waiting for time to pass until Santa is emptying his sack on our lounge floor, let's keep riding.
You have till Monday 19 November to enter for the Cradle to cave MTB Challenge. It is all happening at the Nedcor Olwazini Training Centre at Kromdraai- I've heard that name before! Only 45km or only 25km in beautiful surroundings and a well organised ride. The race takes place on Sunday 25 November and starts at 7:30.
See you out there with your mountain bike, getting dirty!

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