9 Jan 2007

Profile on Christo de Kock

Christo is one of the best cyclists in the gym. Ok, Ok, he is the best. We all are very suspicious and think that he might have an enjin somewhere hidden on his bike. They won't send him for a drug test after a race, but they might ask him to pull over at the garage so they can test which fuel he is using. Peddle power? Paddle power? Here follows his profile:

Cycling history:

  • Started at the age of 5. (Grew up in rural Eastern Cape where a bicycle is a young boys pride, transport and escape vehicle)
  • Will be doing my 10 th Argus Tour this year. Only my last result is worth mentioning - 3 hours 13 minutes. In 2005 I managed an impressive (embarrassing) 6 hours of suffering
  • I have done three 94.7's, two Telkom classics, one Crater Cruise, Ride for Sight, Hyper to Hyper and a few other smaller races

Paddling history:

  • Started paddling in 2003 (most difficult thing I have ever tried/attempted)
  • I have done one Dusi, three Fish River marathons, two Drak Challenges, two Vaal Challenges, many Klip and Highveld Croc rivers, and a few other smaller rivers

Running history (not my favourite):

  • Nashua Marathon in 1986
  • A few corporate relays
  • 10 km on the Dusi with a canoe (not a boat) on my back
  • I will have to improve in this area (2007 goal)
Endurance events:
  • 24 hour Colourpress Parys (local) race
  • Six day (600 km) trip from Springbok to Cape town with my wife (Juliana) on a mountain bike
  • First triathlon, the 24/7 Stilbaai adventure race (12 km sea paddling, 45 km Mountain biking (I mean real Western Cape mountains - not Hans Strydom in Gauteng) and 10 km dune running)
  • Few more planned for this year (2007)
Favourite music:
  • Water splashing when placing a paddle in the water
  • Noise of my bicycle chain
  • 93 % of max heart rate in throat
Training/racing philosophy:
  • Always lead from the front (go as hard as you can)
  • Achieving a goal is possible or impossible, difficult does not count
  • Have a cold beer after each event

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