6 Jan 2007

Jumping Lunge with Rotation

I think a very interesting title indeed.

I do know of course of hundreds of spinners who have asked me exactly that question. How do I do the Jumping lunge with rotation? Please don't try this on the spinning bike! But you could come and try it in the next balancing ball class.

I've been watching you in the spinning classes, trying to do more, working hard to add cadence or power to your pedal stroke and seemingly not really getting there. You try doing more classes and although you are getting fitter, you just don't seem to get stronger. Spinning is an excellent exercise to get fit, but to be able to get stronger, you have to concentrate on exercising a specific muscle group at a time. There are two ways to achieve this. Maybe more, but on a Saturday afternoon after a snooze, only two.

First one is on the spinning bike itself. When your instructor tells you to do a standing climb, it doesn't only mean we are going to get out of the saddle so we can rest our nether regions. It also means that in that position on the bike we are going to train a specific muscle group. On the standing climb you will be using your hamstring and bum muscles. If you don't feel it there, make sure about your position on the bike. Are you maybe too far forward, meaning you are leaning on the handlebars, your weight is not on your pedals, your bum not across the saddle. Always make sure about your position on the bike so you can reap the full benefit of the exercise.

Number Two is when you do extra training in the gym off the spinning bike. Many of you also attend other gyms, to do circuit training, weights etc. How do you know if you are doing the exercises correctly? How many repetitions should one do for a specific exercise to get to the powerful, gleaming muscle stage? I found a very interesting site www.hyperstrike.com . Go check it out. At the moment there is a small video that shows you exactly how to do the Jumping Lunge with rotation. The video shows you how to do the exercise, which muscle groups you will be using and what benefit it will be to you. For this move you will use the hips, thighs and trunk, to increase the power output from the lower body. ( Sounds to me that this will work to better your cycling/spinning).
It is a great strength, power and cardio move.
The site can also provide you with a fitness plan, or what to eat or not eat before a workout etc. The first 7 days are a free trial period where you can see what? how? and hoekom?

Let me know what you think. We will be doing that exercise in the ball class this week. I will let you know about comments after day 2 or 3. It will probably be something like this: "aaahhh eina, I couldn't get in or out of my chair/car/bed/" or some funny comment like that.

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