9 Jan 2007

How to get these bikes to Cape Town on time


You've entered for the Argus Cycle Tour down in Cape Town in March. You are training hard. You have booked the most spectacular place to stay because it is an important weekend. But what about your bike??

There are different ways to get from here to there. You can transport the bike on the back of your car. Tulle has got amazing clippings, hooks and the rest to secure the bike/s. You can get on the train, with your bike. (havent tried this one before). You can fly down with your bike, or your bike can fly two days ahead of you, or disaster, your bike arrive after the Argus.
I found the best way for me, is to fly down and put my bike on a truck. Why? It's convenient. I dont feel tired because I didn't had to take the long trek down. My bike looks equally fresh from the truck ride. The bikes get transported right to where the race ends, which is a mere 5km or so from the start. So pick up your bike, ride to the start, ride the race (race the race) and after the race leave it at the end again. Easy. No hassles of finding a car with a bike rack etc.
There are a couple of companies taking the hassle out of bike transport. DJ Retief, Elliott's Cyclelab all advertise bike transport. I'm making use of a company called Nightwing. I have used them before and I like what they're doing. All the bikes get packed in boxes.The bikes get individually boxed, meaning no paint chips, scrapes and peddles getting mixed up with somebody else's bike. Arriving at Greenpoint the bikes get unpacked and are ready for collection. The drop off and collection point in Gauteng is at Melrose Arch Volkswagen, Cnr Corlett drive and Melrose Boulevard, Johannesburg.

Of course you have to book. Road or mountain bike a mere R495.00 return. Eish...... I know, but it's worth it. You get it slightly cheaper when you send your bike self-packed. Give them a call:

Hollings 082 684 5053 or hollings@nightwing.co.za

Do it now! Your bike needs to be in Cape Town for the Argus.

Have you had a different experience flying your bike down or trucking it down?. Please let us know about the pitfalls, the aches and the pains when your bike arrived in a heap, dismantled and no-one in your group knowing how to assemble the bike again.


Spanner said...

Hey, you forgot the ultimate, most interesting one of all - ride it down!! If you start today, you will be there on time by only doing 25km per day. That means only 1hr of pedalling and 23hrs of stopping to smell the roses...

Gerda said...

Dear Spanner, we are talking here about Transport! Although very tempting I must say. You know what happens when planting a seed like that in my head?! It becomes another Baviaans Challenge!

Anonymous said...

Go on Gerda- you can do it!!!