8 Jun 2012

The physical Freedom Challenge

The Freedom Challenge is far more than planning your race, studying the maps, packing the rucksack and packing the 2l boxes. It is a lot about the physical, the riding of a bicycle, pushing a bicycle and portage a bicycle. Can one ever be totally prepared? 
Part of the hill training involved the "famous" Breeds Neck...up and down....up and down....



then down on the one side

Then the down on the other side

It involved long distance, and the next day and then again and when you tired, a little more....

Through water, sand, corrugations, rocks, lots of single track, dodging cows and finding adorable little cafes and drinking holes....

And just when you think you did enough...you decided to do a little bit more, just in case!

And now it is only a few more days before I start this great adventure. Tackling obstacles, making a plan, heading into the cold ....and night...to come out the other end enriched. Please track my progress on this blog or www.freedomchallenge.org.za.
I'll take enough photos to do another volume of The Freedom Challenge. 

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Unknown said...

Good luck Gerda. Vandag is die eerste dag wat jy die vrugte gaan pluk van al die baie oefen. Sterkte. Ons hou jou dop! Jake en Annali