13 Jun 2012

1st day of Freedom Challenge

1st day was not without its drama. One of the riders, John Rex fell on concrete strip and demolished his face (and had 12 stiches). The ride is always tough, don't know why I thought it would be easier ... blond moment. Hella Hella is as steep as ever. Went through 6 packets of tissues ... long dry winter grass not doing me well.

I ran out of water on hella Hella and stopped a good Samaritan in a Corola. He had water 1 month old. I gladly accepted n thank goodness for water purifiers. He also offered me 3 oranges

Tomorrow is another tough day _ planning to leave at 04:30


Anonymous said...

Hey Gerda! Your consitent riding is an example to many! Well done & keep it up. You know the drill!!

Unknown said...

Well done Gerda. Day three and it looks like you got going early this morning and making good progress. Keep it up and good luck!Jake.

Kevin said...

What a long day yesterday was, looking at Google Earth the terrain was hell. Hope it gets better once you reach Rhodes. We are all rooting so keep going. :)