27 Jan 2012

February news

We did the first of our Quickfit Workout Workshop and we got blasted! Legs burning, lungs burning but a glowing satisfaction of a good workout had by all. And, the best, we are doing it again. Saturday 4 Feb here at the gym. We will be starting at 6am to avoid the heat of the day and to just pack more hours into your day. Sign up and join in the workout!

The programme will be exactly the same as the previous programme in January, the only difference is the start time of 6am and not 8am. The lunch break will now be a tea break, seeing that it is 2 hours earlier but it will again be Woollies sandwiches with cold drinks, and will only be half an hour instead of the previous hour break. We all felt rested enough to start with the second half of the programme after half an hour. You don't want your muscles to stiffen up. The programme ends about 12 midday. 

Just a reminder to enter for the Ride for Sight road event on 12 Feb. It is a qualifier for Argus 2013 and 94.7 2012. So don't miss out if you would like to improve your seeding.

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