11 May 2011

It's our Birthday!

Well, in the month of April, 13 years ago, the Bullamakanka (Bulla for short) Gym was born. Here is the story, more or less. Please be reminded that I'm now 13 years older too and might have some of the facts and details a bit mixed up or muddled.

In 1998, when Spinning was still new in SA, Bullamakanka Spinning opened its doors with 4 spinning bikes and a few friends wanting to get fit. It soon proofed to be a popular exercise and 6 spinning bikes were added to the gym. At that stage it was just a double garage with a painted cement floor, which we changed the colour of a couple of times.

Believe it or not, but the music was still tapes, those funny thin plastic things with two holes and running wheels on the inside. We ended up a couple of times with frustrated instructors reeling off strange words as they were reeling off the curled and knotted ribbon tape.

As times changed the music changed and so did the instructors. My two children, Silke and Andreas, were instructors here at the opening and for a few more years. In the beginning of 2003, Celeste, my cycling buddy, became an instructor here. Zoe took over from Silke towards the end of 2004 at a fun filled night here at the gym. It was Good Byes and Welcomes all in one. Celeste left for the USA and in her place we had Paul who also left for USA, Australia or Canada, one of those far away places. A long legged blond beauty, Henrietta, with the softest heart filled Paul’s place. After Henrietta came Carna and Abrie, a wife/husband team and in the wings, always ready to help out, was Sari.

In 2004 I went for a BOSU ball course and 7 balls were added to the gym. In 2006, three more spinning bikes were added. With the balls came core strength and mats and this year we started with Boot Camp Ball Classes and weighted balls, skipping ropes and elastic bands were added to the “torture camp”.

People have come and gone but a couple have stayed. Ansa was one of our first clients and she is still attending. Francois arrived here in 2001. Debbie and Joseph almost the same time, and they are still here. Sorette, Stefan, Michelle, Andre, Kris, Mario, Amanda, Sari, Martie, Karin, Margie and Maggie have all been here for many years and are truly the core of the gym, with many new faces being added to that core. Through the help of Rodney, the gym was transformed in 2008 to the place we have today.

Now, to celebrate this great event I will post some cycling pics on the blog for the next 31 days or so. Please vote for the best pic!

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