17 May 2011

Day 7: Another river crossing

There are many different ways to cross a river. I like the splash through way, others prefer the tippy toe way, others like to wade slowly through barefoot and when on the other side, will sit down to dry feet (I never know where they keep the tiny, dry, rolled up towel), then put cream on and then empty sock and then empty other sock (from imaginary goggas) and then the cycling shoe after adjusting a buckle or a strap.....exhausting isn't it.
Lets face it, a river is a river is a river, it will always be wet! I must say I marvel at those Bison floating bridges they build for the Joberg2c and Sani2c. Now there you can stay dry if you stay upright. 
But, beware of the loose plank bridges and the makeshift bridges and the logs (which is mostly just 1cm too short.) When you put a foot or a wheel on them they turn nasty. 

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