17 Dec 2010

trail running

It is the end of the year and I'm starting with something brand new, something I've never done before...trail running! Did a lot of reading about it, tried some shoes, watch some TV programmes and got utterly jealous of the people having a great time outdoors. So I'm taking the plunge.
When thinking back on the Freedom Challenge, I know that I wasn't very strong on my feet. As long as I was on the bike riding, I managed ok. But with all the walking and pushing and portaging I know if I want to do the Challenge again I have to be better prepared, on my feet.
So here I am on 17 December and I did my first trail run....well, shuffle, is the better word for my efforts. Locked up and run, forgot to take water, or to put on sunscreen, or to take my Garmin so at least I know how far I went....I did take time to stop and take some pics.
I was greeted by Bull frogs. Hundreds of them sitting on the lilly leaves belching out there chorus. After yesterday's downpour the route was a bit muddy and watery in places but not difficult to negotiate.

That's me at the pond.

The path through the trees. I think I have been bitten by the trail running bug. It wasn't easy, as I'm not at all used to running, but to be out in nature made it easier.
So please add your bit to my training. Good thing? Won't last? Wrong thing? I am feeling a lot stronger already.....hahahaha till I have to get out of bed tomorrow morning. Wish me luck.

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Beerkie said...

Trail running is awesome! Het al 'n paar gedoen. Geen ritme, kannie jou tyd voorspel nie......alles hang af van die dag en weer (veral wat deur die nag gebeur het).
Dit maak mens baie sterk, nie vinnig nie, en leer jou om te fokus op wat jy doen, eenkeer se oogknip, dan le jy dalk!!!!!
Goeie trail skoene is NB en help om nie enkels te swik etc nie.
Njoy! Dis 'n lekker cross training.