20 Dec 2010

New Northern Farms

I know, Northern Farms is not really new but since I haven't been there for quite some time, it was almost having a brand new feeling cycling around. It was nice, with lots of new single track, new routes, rocky at places, sandy at places and some awesome flowing single tracks.
The idea was just to go out and enjoy, so we didn't really watch the distance but rather "lets go left here" or "we've never been here before, lets go up this little path". It made the day so enjoyable.

In the end we stopped after 3 hours of riding having done ups and downs, single track with water running ankle deep, sandy uphills, slow moving through thick long grass next to a canal, switchbacks through a plantation, steep rocky downhill passed the irrigation pivot, and lots more.
At the end we had a lovely rest in the shade of the trees with a yummy Boerie roll. Absolutely worth the ride.
Go, treat yourself!

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