19 May 2010

Fifa Holiday

Winter is around the corner. Nice times next to the fire, curled up with a nice book, soup and buttery rolls and Old Brown Sherry…. And lots of tube around the midrib if you stop training!

Only a few more days left to enter this stunning event, because entries close on 31 May 2010. Ok you mountain bike fanatics; there is an event just for you on the Sunday, 6 June 2010. The challenge is on to anyone with a bicycle to enter some race, any race. Don’t make it a race make it a ride with friends. Enjoy a weekend out, just do it. More information available on www.kremetartcycling.co.za
Saturday 5 June 2010.
Sunday 6 June 2010.

To finalise the teams and sort out any accommodation and transport problems as well as some of the equipment needed to do this event, please join us for a pasta evening here at the gym on Friday 28 May 18:30 for 19:00. Bring your own drinks, a pasta dish or bread rolls or salad. So in short, something to drink and something to eat. Easy! All welcome, even if you are not planning to take part in this year’s event but would like to know more.

Everyone ready for the world cup? Tickets?
Because I’m taking a different kind of FIFA holiday the gym will be closed from Tuesday 15 June at 12:00 and reopen Monday 12 July at 6:00.
I will be taking part in the Freedom Challenge starting on 17 June and hopefully will be able to finish the event in 20 days. This is the plan, but of course I will have to peddle, hope for fantastic weather and no mechanicals or falls.
Progress of competitors can be followed on www.spinningatbulla.blogspot.com and www.freedomchallenge.org.za and a shorter version on Facebook.

In the meantime, keep training and stay fit and healthy!

There’s only one Bulla Team….Us!

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